Sales Terminology

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer, also known as an autodialer or automatic dialer, is equipment or software that automatically dials through a list of phone numbers.

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Call Transfer

By definition, call transfer is a feature that allows someone to pass possession of a call to another person or phone line.

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Local Presence

The definition of local presence is technology that allows sales reps to dynamically usa a local area code when dialing contacts.

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Power Dialer

A power dialer is software that dials leads, and has an agent live on the line when the call is answered.

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Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer is a multi-line dialer that routes answered calls to the next available agent. The software uses an algorithm to “predict” the frequency at which numbers should be dialed so that agents become available as calls are answered.

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Ringless Voicemail

By definition, ringless voicemail is technology that allows for the placing of a voicemail without the phone ringing first. The technology sends the message directly from its server into the user’s (or rather the carrier’s) voicemail server.

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Robocall Software

Robocall software is defined as technology that autodials a list of numbers and automatically plays a pre-recorded message when the call is answered.

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Sales Cadence

Sales cadence is defined as the systematic sequence of engagements or follow-ups used by a sales rep or team to engage with prospective customers. A sales cadence helps guide sales reps by creating a predictable and consistent series of actions to perform.

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Sales Cycle

By definition, a sales cycle is a set of stages needed to make a sale. A company and its sales reps are perpetually engaged with different prospects at different stages of the cycle. Sales cycles, and the anticipated length of time needed to complete them, vary significantly depending on the product or service being sold. Real estate or a piece of industrial equipment, for example, are likely to have a long sales cycle. Spell-check software or a computer mouse will have a short one by comparison.

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Sales Funnel

The definition of sales funnel is the process designed by a company to lead a prospect toward a completed sale. A sales funnel has multiple steps or stages that a prospect moves through. As the shape of a funnel implies, a larger number of prospects will reach the top of the funnel, with fewer reaching the middle of the funnel, and fewer yet reaching the bottom of the funnel.

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Sales Pipeline

A sales pipeline is an organized representation of your prospects, and where they currently reside within your sales cycle.

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TCPA is the acronym for the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1991 that regulates phone, SMS, fax, and other solicitations to protect consumers and businesses from unwanted sales messages.

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TCPA Compliance

Organizations that engage in solicitations are expected to comply with the regulations set forth by the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991) or face penalties ranging from $500 - $1500 per occurrence.

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Voicemail Drop

Voicemail drop (or voicemail automation, as it is also known) is a feature available with certain dialers or call center software that allows agents to leave a voicemail with a click of a button.

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What is PhoneBurner?

PhoneBurner is delay-free dialer and sales acceleration software designed to help sales agents have more, and higher quality interactions with leads, clients, and other contacts.

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