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Sales Cadence

What is Sales Cadence?

Sales cadence is defined as the systematic sequence of engagements or follow-ups used by a sales rep or team to engage with prospective customers. A sales cadence helps guide sales reps by creating a predictable and consistent series of actions to perform.

The elements of sales cadence

When creating a sales cadence, one needs to consider schedule, method of outreach, and messaging.

Schedule: How frequently and regularly should you reach out? Method of outreach: Should you call, email, text, message via LinkedIn, etc.Message: What do you say when you call, leave a voicemail, or message them via email or social media?

Sales cadence example

Your sales cadence is likely to vary for different kinds of prospects. For example, you’ll use a different cadence for a cold lead on LinkedIn than you would for a real-time lead that just filled out a form on your website.

Here’s an example of a short sales cadence:

  • Day 1 ASAP: Call 1, Script 1, Voicemail 1, Email 1
  • Day 2 morning: Call 2, Script 2, Voicemail 2, Email 2
  • Day 3 morning: Email 3
  • Day 5 afternoon: Call 3, Script 3, Voicemail 3, Email 4
  • Day 7 morning: Email 5

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