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How PhoneBurner Works

  1. Import Leads - Start by importing your leads into our CRM using a CSV file. PhoneBurner also integrates with many popular CRMs through direct integrations, our API, and third party integrations.
  2. Record Voicemails & Setup Emails- Record as many voicemails as you need. PhoneBurner can leave your voicemail in one click - as soon as you know you've reached a recording. Fully personalized emails can also be sent in a click - reflecting the outcome of your call (reached voicemail, interested, wants more information, etc.).
  3. Choose Who You Want to Dial - Our advanced search feature helps you filter leads in intuitive ways - including location searches, tags, last time called, call frequency, and much more. You can also save searches that you regularly perform for added efficiency.
  4. Dial up to 80 Contacts Per Hour - Pick up ANY phone, dial into PhoneBurner®, and click Go. Our system will dial your leads for you, leave voicemails, send emails, record calls, track performance, and much more. Unlike other dialers, there is no awkward pause to tip off your contacts. That means higher quality live conversations, and more of them!
  5. Take Efficiency to the Next Level- PhoneBurner offers powerful features to help take your outbound sales efforts to the next level. Real-time reports, smart lead distribution, email tracking, call transfer, and much more.

The #1 Power Dialer that scales with you

Part of a team? With a free trial of our team account you’ll get a seat for every sales agent on your team, and a centralized admin portal to manage everything. All at no charge. Exclusive features built for teams will help you keep agents tracked and accountable, and get agents up and running with little setup needed.

PhoneBurner's outbound dialer software gives you the competitive edge

A lot of our clients "thought" they wanted a predictive dialer or traditional auto dialer prior to finding us. But upon understanding the difference, they chose PhoneBurner's power dialer solution and never looked back.

Not only do auto and predictive dialers put your company at risk of violating new FCC regulations, they can negatively impact your sales efforts. Multi-line dialers that route calls to available agents have a telltale "telemarketing delay" that instantly alerts contacts that a machine called them. That means more hang-ups and lower quality conversations. PhoneBurner's power dialer has no delay whatsoever, so calls start off on the right footing.

So even if you were looking for a free trial of a predictive dialer or telemarketing software, a test-drive of our platform is well worth your time.

And there are no setup fees or contracts to worry about either.

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