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Power dial up to 80 leads per hour. PhoneBurner masterfully streamlines time-consuming tasks like voicemail, email, and workflows, so reps spend more time on the phone - closing deals.

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No one likes answering the phone and hearing awkward silence. With PhoneBurner reps hear every lead say "hello" and can start talking immediately. Calls start off with promise, not hangups.

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Log in to our cloud-based software from anywhere. Make calls from any phone – landline, mobile, or our VOIP softphone. Just choose leads, set Caller ID (or dynamic Local ID), make one call into the PhoneBurner bridge, and you're off to the races.

Grows with your team

Add and remove seats as needed. Our admin dashboard makes it easy to manage agents, track performance, and share content and configurations to get new agents dialing quickly.

Clarity to manage and grow your pipeline

Your dialer and CRM working hand-in-hand.

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Easily manage and nurture leads

Use PhoneBurner’s intuitive CRM or integrate with yours. Manage contacts and activity history, add notes and tags, send emails, schedule follow-ups, and more - all right from the dialer.

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Get more out of every dial session. Intelligently filter leads and create saved searches that update automatically to feature hot and high-value prospects.

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"I'm with a small start-up where we need to increase our customer base rapidly... PhoneBurner has allowed us to increase the amount of calls our BDRs can make dramatically. We love how easy the platform is to use and how you can build your own automation buttons."

Dan Komm

Family ID, Inc.

"PhoneBurner is like giving a machine gun to somebody who used to use a bolt-action rifle. I can call 5x the number of people in the same amount of time...setting up the proper disposition buttons at the bottom of the screen is like running macros to cover all your post-call work."

George Gonzalez-Rivas

NUS Consulting Group

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