Power Dialer With CRM Integration

Integrate power dialing and contact management with our intuitive cloud-based software.

Have a CRM?

Are you looking for a dialer with CRM integration? Good news. PhoneBurner plays nicely with others. Our power dialer is compatible with CRMs and software solutions of all kinds.

Our integration capabilities include:

  • A direct Salesforce integration available in the AppExchange
  • An API for custom integrations, available here
  • A third-party integration (extra fees apply) with Zapier for bringing data from your CRM into PhoneBurner.

More integrations capabilities are coming soon.

Have a question about integrating your CRM? Contact us for fast, friendly assistance.

Our Built-In CRM

Prefer a CRM with power dialer built-in? Perfect. PhoneBurner offers an intuitive contact management platform and CRM that our clients love. Simply import contacts, and they're securely managed in the cloud. Log in, access contact details, and do dials from virtually anywhere.

Our advanced search feature lets you filter contacts in valuable ways to uncover the perfect list of clients to dial. Create folders, tag contacts, take notes, schedule appointments and follow-ups, send emails, monitor contact history, and more. Integrated SmartSender email tracking shows you who is opening emails and engaging with links and attachments, for powerful follow-up opportunities.

Smart Lead Distribution

PhoneBurner is built for teams of all sizes. For sales managers who distribute leads to their team, our LeadStream feature is a game-changer. Using a completely customizable set of rules, you can automatically distribute and deliver leads to your agents. You decide who receives, when, in what order, and more, so you get the most value out of every lead. With LeadBlitz, real-time leads can be claimed by the first available agent for near-instantaneous response.

LeadStream is included free with our team accounts. It's the perfect complement to our CRM for telemarketing, inside sales, and coordinated outbound sales efforts of all kinds.

Built for Productivity and Performance

PhoneBurner's CRM, sales dialer, and sales acceleration is tool is built to grow productivity and performance. All of the features you expect (and many more) in an easy-to-use interface:

  • Dial up to 80 contacts per hour
  • No awkward pause or "telemarketer delay"
  • Leave 1-click voicemails
  • Send 1-click emails
  • Create custom dialer buttons and disposition sets
  • Track email opens and engagement
  • Record calls
  • Assess performance with robust reporting & analytics
  • Intelligently and automatically distribute leads
  • And more

All with no contracts and no setup fees.

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