Outbound Dialer Software

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Manual dialing is grossly inefficient. PhoneBurner’s outbound dialer software not only eliminates repetitive tasks like dialing, listening to voicemail and leaving messages, and sending emails — it also includes features that help you sell better and more effectively.

Reach up to 447% more contacts per hour with our power dialing and sales acceleration tools. You’ll spend more time doing what makes you money — speaking to real people. Plus, unlike other outbound dialing software there are NO awkward pauses or “telemarketer delays.”

Our included CRM lets you tag, sort, and manage contacts in efficent ways for more targeted dial sessions, and better lead management. Custom disposition sets help you streamline your sales process — instantly performing pre-determined actions (ie. send an email, record a note, move prospect to a new category, send a document) with a single click — all based on call outcome.

Manage an outbound sales team? Our team accounts offer powerful admin controls, reports and analytics, and team productivity tools for next level results.

Reach 447% more customers per hour.

The new way sales teams get things done.

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