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Phone Icon Logistics

It doesn’t really let you take your foot off the gas. We’ve increased our revenue substantially over the last five years.”

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software Software

PhoneBurner basically cut out 30-40% of the time and effort that callers invested… which is now entirely devoted to sales.”

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Agents with headset

CC Capital Group

Phone Icon Outsourcing

It is a night and day difference. This kind of functionality was not available in any other software.”

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Phone Icon Insurance

One person can make these calls and schedule close to 400 appointments per month.”

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Phone Icon Lending

Ultimately, it’s like we each have six hands instead of two.”

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Solar panels

Odin Energy

Phone Icon Solar

I really believe in this. We've seen great success.”

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Red Spiral Investing

Lending Real Estate

Sometimes I forget that you guys are a separate company. It’s just a perfect integration.”

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Public Service Partners

Phone Icon Politics

Multiplied call volume by 2x for both veteran and volunteer dialers.”

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Laptop Computer

Milestone Inc.

Phone Icon Marketing

They’re making up to 550 calls per day, each. That’s quadruple what they were doing on a good day.”

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Medical Staff

Amici Clinical Research

Icon Research

We wouldn’t be recruiting as many patients. The efficiency of PhoneBurner has been the difference.”

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