How to Make Dials Using PhoneBurner

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4 Steps to start dialing in minutes


Import leads into our contact manager.

Start by importing a list of contacts you already have. PhoneBurner® includes a built-in Contact Manager that allows you to categorize, sort and search through your contacts in useful and efficient ways.


Record voicemails and create emails.

Record a message that PhoneBurner will leave for you when you reach a prospect’s voicemail. You can record and store unlimited messages in your voicemail library and choose the one you want to deliver. You can also create emails, and have them automatically sent to contacts based on the outcome of each call.

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Choose the contacts you want to call.

Use your built-in Contact Manager to create a targeted list for your dial session. PhoneBurner® helps you query by category, custom tags, area and zip code, call frequency, last time dialed and more.


Start your dial session!

It’s as simple as picking up your phone, dialing into PhoneBurner®, and clicking a button. You’re ready to start calling contacts at a rate of up to 80 per hour. Take notes, schedule appointments, send emails and more – right from your dashboard.

Have more conversations. Close more deals.

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