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The PhoneBurner Story

On a quiet day in 2008 PhoneBurner proudly unveiled its power dialing platform to the world.

PhoneBurner’s US-based remote team of software engineers, programmers, and sales professionals are united in a single mission – to help people using the phone as a relationship-building and selling tool, to do it better. We measure success in meaningful conversations.

PhoneBurner is a technology company in practice. We’re a people business at heart. That means our dialer doesn’t call numbers at will and frustrate live answerers with abrupt recordings or awkward connection delays. It drives results by helping salespeople be smarter, fresher, better organized, and more productive on the phone - with functionality and ease-of-use that has always set us apart.

The PhoneBurner team is positively committed to the users we serve. We strive to engage, support, and connect one-to-one. When a client tells us they love our platform, we want to know how we can make it even better. Our company also believes in making a connection with our local community and the world around us. Our partnerships with organizations like Miracles for Kids and Y-Malawi is some of the best work we do.

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Meet our team

John Rydell, CEO

John Rydell, CEO

John is the co-Founder of PhoneBurner along with his brother Paul, and a life-long entrepreneur. As PhoneBurner’s leader, he steers the company’s strategy and operations. John earned a CS in engineering from UCLA in 1993 and spent time at Accenture and Mercer Advisors. He’s an avid golfer, loves to travel the world with his wife and grown children, and serves on the boards of numerous charitable organizations.

Kevin Reeves, CTO

Kevin Reeves, CTO

Kevin is PhoneBurner’s CTO, whose vision, technical skill and leadership influence every aspect of the architecture and user experience. Kevin brings more than 20 years of software development to the PhoneBurner team, with a love of technology that stems from helping people “do more with less time.” He spends his free time with his wife and two children, and enjoys volleyball, craft beer, and travel.

Henry Evans, VP of Customer Success

Henry Evans, Vice President of Customer Success

Working both alongside his team and directly with clients, Henry helps ensure the success of thousands of PhoneBurner clients. With his trademark mix of integrity, optimism, and skill, Henry’s passion is to deliver measurable growth to teams of all sizes, by helping them implement a more efficient and effective process. Henry resides in San Diego with his wife, two daughters and 11-pound guard dog, Skylar.

Ashley Nader, Senior Product Manager

Ashley Nader, Senior Product Manager

Ashley leads our product team and product innovation strategy, with a relentless focus on customer experience and results. She is passionate about people, product and creating human-centric digital experiences that use technology for good. Ashley has a B.S in Telecommunications from the University of Florida, with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship. Ashley currently lives in San Francisco, California but who knows where this digital nomad might end up next.

Lindsey KoneffKlatt, VP of Sales

Lindsey KoneffKlatt, Vice President of Sales

Lindsey was PhoneBurner’s first official sales hire, having been recruited by her father and PhoneBurner co-founder John Greene. She has a Masters in Education from San Francisco University, which has translated into a passion for consultative sales, as well as coaching and developing PhoneBurner’s growing sales team. Lindsey lives in Nevada City, California with her husband, two-year-old son, and three dogs.

John Greene, Sr. VP of Partnerships

John Greene, Sr. Vice President of Partnerships

John brings decades of sales experience to his role as PhoneBurner’s Director of Business Development, and played a major role in the platform’s conceptualization and creation. His ideas continue to shape the product, and drive expansion and partnership opportunities. John’s knowledge, integrity, and ability to understand people, makes him a real asset to both loyal customers and prospective clients.

The Team

PhoneBurner cares

Since our founding, we have given more than $500,000 to charities loved by our customers and team.

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