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70% of the time you spend making calls, is wasted

It’s true. Between voicemails, wrong numbers, misdials and other delays, up to 70% of the time you spend is actually wasted! Our power dialer dials your contacts, automatically leaves voicemails, sends follow-up emails, and makes notes for you. That means you can spend your time doing what’s important – talking to live prospects. Say goodbye to wasted time and monotony… and say hello to fresher, more productive dialing – with PhoneBurner!

Load your prospects into
our contact manager.

Record voicemails and
create email followups

Sort and choose the
contacts to call

Begin dialing with utter
ease and efficiency

“A 400% Productivity Boost!”

“With PhoneBurner, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME! AND I fly through my leads! I’m averaging around 84 dials per hour!!! Since I only work my business Part Time, every minute is valuable, and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%! Incredible! Thanks PhoneBurner Team!”

Denise R.

Your Sales Call Secret Weapon

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  • Powerful alternative to manual dialing
  • Contact management and notation
  • Automated emails / voicemails
  • Reach over 4x the contacts
  • Plans from only $67.50/month
  • Make unlimited calls for just $149/month

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