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70% of the time you spend making calls, is wasted

It’s true. Between voicemails, wrong numbers, misdials and other delays, up to 70% of the time you spend is actually wasted! Our power dialer dials your contacts, instantly leaves voicemails, sends follow-up emails, and makes notes for you. That means you can spend your time doing what’s important – talking to live prospects. Say goodbye to wasted time and monotony… and say hello to fresher, more productive dialing – with PhoneBurner!

Load your prospects into
our contact manager

Record voicemails and
create email followups

Sort and choose the
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Begin dialing with utter
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“A 400% Productivity Boost!”

“With PhoneBurner, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME! AND I fly through my leads! I’m averaging around 84 dials per hour!!! Since I only work my business Part Time, every minute is valuable, and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%! Incredible! Thanks PhoneBurner Team!”

Denise R.

Your Sales Call Secret Weapon

Affordable. Powerful. Simple! See for yourself how much time our software can save you. By eliminating repetitive and frustrating tasks, you’ll stay fresher and happier and enjoy greater productivity and results. Start your free trial today.

  • Dial up to 80 contacts/hour
  • Leave voicemails and send emails in one click
  • Track email opens, attachment views, link clicks
  • Manage contacts and streamline workflow
  • Intelligently distribute leads
  • Access powerful reports & analytics
  • And much more

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Power Dialing Technology that Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

One of the many benefits of our call dialing software is the fact that there is no awkward pause between the time your contact says hello and when you reply. That's because with PhoneBurner, you’re always there. Other power dialing software programs that call multiple numbers and route answered calls to available operators can’t say the same.

What’s so bad about the pause? Think about your own experience. That delay immediately clues the recipient in to the fact they’re receiving a sales call… and likely from someone they have no relationship with. Whether the contacts hangs up before you say a word — or they just begin the conversation with heightened skepticism — the call has gotten off to a bad start. PhoneBurner gives you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition by eliminating those pauses and giving your salespeople a better chance to convert every call.

PhoneBurner Power Dialing Software is Great for Teams

Furthermore, PhoneBurner is ideal whether you have a small or medium-sized sales team, or a large one. Our team accounts can scale to as many seats as you need, all conveniently managed from a centralized manager portal to oversee it all.

Team accounts also include a powerful set of features we have designed to improve productivity, reporting and performance. Learn more about these features and what they can do for you.

Our Online Power Dialing Program Is Easy to Use From Anywhere

It’s also important not to discount the value an online power dialer has on the reach of your team members — they no longer need to be concentrated in one place at one time.

With PhoneBurner, your team members can log in and start working whenever and wherever they have access to an internet connection. That means fewer worries about scheduling, recruiting or physical hosting of employees. A dialer system like this one can result in considerable benefits in both hard savings and avoiding logistical headaches. Plus it also allows agents to stay connected with contacts while they're out of town, or just out of the office.

Enjoy Fanatical Client Support

Our goal is to help you sell more. Our staff is responsive and works directly with you to provide the greatest benefit to your sales process. Think of us as a trusted sales partner you can use as it suits you and your business. Call us, email us, schedule a demo, request features — we’re always listening, and always available. It’s a level of support you won’t see in your average power dialing service provider.

That said, most clients have no problem jumping in and using our services to increase call productivity right away. Our platform is widely praised for being both big on features and really easy to use. Plus there are no training requirements and no upfront costs of any kind.

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