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Power Dialer

What is a power dialer?

A power dialer is software that an agent uses to call leads with increased efficiency. Unlike other dialer software, the agent initiates the call and is always on the line when the call is answered. There is no awkward pause or potential for dropped calls, and agents can begin speaking immediately when the recipient answers.

Power dialers increase productivity by handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks. As agents disposition calls, the software can instantly leave voicemails, send 1-click emails based on call outcome, move contacts to new folders, and more - all while dialing the next contact. The key benefit of a power dialer is that it maximizes conversations and talk-time while still delivering a seamless, delay-free experience for the call recipient.

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What is PhoneBurner?

PhoneBurner is delay-free dialer and sales acceleration software designed to help sales agents have more, and higher quality interactions with leads, clients, and other contacts.

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