Auto Dialer vs. Power Dialer

PhoneBurner is not an auto dialer or predictive dialer. It’s a power dialer. Here’s the difference and what it means to you.

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Auto Dialer & Predictive Dialer

What is an auto dialer? It’s a device or software that calls numbers automatically, determines whether it has reached a voicemail or live answer, and then either leaves a message or connects the call to an agent. Because the device has to make this determination, prospects hear DEAD AIR after saying “hello” and before a live agent is actually there to greet them. In short, it’s a faster way to dial, but one that SCREAMS sales call.

A predictive dialer is similar, except that it is often dialing many numbers at once, while routing live answers to an available operator. Here too there is DEAD AIR while the call is routed to a live agent, and in some cases, there’s no agent available to take the call at all.

Power Dialer – That’s Us!

PhoneBurner is a power dialer. That means you have complete control over your call experience. You choose the contacts. You listen to the phone ring. You’re already connected when you hear “hello.” However, since PhoneBurner dials for you, leaves pre-recorded voicemails with a click, and sends custom emails based on the result of each call, you’re more productive, fresher, and a whole lot happier!

Auto Dialer vs. Power Dialer

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“I’ve been using PhoneBurner® for years and so has my team. It allows me to call and email 50 prospects in around 30 minutes. I have also used PhoneBurner® to make weekly calls to my large team. Calling and emailing my team definitely does a great job of keeping them engaged and plugged into our system. Thank you PhoneBurner® team!”

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See for yourself how much more enjoyable and productive your dialing sessions are with PhoneBurner. You’ll stay fresh as a daisy and your prospects will never know you’re using a dialer. Individual plans start at just $67.50 per month. Start your risk-free test drive today!

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