Auto Dialer vs Power Dialer

PhoneBurner is not a traditional auto dialer. It’s a power dialer. Here’s the difference and why it matters to you.

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What Auto Dialer Really Means

You’re probably looking for a way to replace the manual dialing process with auto dialer software or technology. And so you use the term "auto dialer system" or "auto dialer service" to describe that. In reality, there are many kinds of dialer technologies and "auto dialer software" refers to a very specific one. Often, it's not the one you're actually looking for.

So, what is an auto dialer? It’s a device or software that calls numbers automatically, determines whether it has reached a voicemail or live answer, and then either leaves a message or connects the call to an agent. Because the device has to make this determination, live prospects hear DEAD AIR after saying “hello” and before a live agent is actually there to greet them. In short, it’s a faster way to dial, but one that SCREAMS sales call. And consequently, it negatively outbound sales campaigns.

The Risks of Auto Dialing Software

In addition to the awkward delay that results from using an auto-dialer, the use of such software also carries inherent risk. Violating new FCC and THPA Compliance standards - which restrict the use of multi-line dialers - carry fines of up to $16,000 per violation.

Because the FCC defines autodialers by their capacity, rather than their use, violations are not only a risk to those using auto dialers for telemarketing or software for call center operations - but small and medium size businesses as well. The risks and quality issues associated with traditional autodialers have prompted many sales professionals to pursue a safer, and more effective solution.

Power Dialer – That’s Us!

PhoneBurner is a power dialer. Our software is TCPA compliant, helping sales agents reach up to 80 contacts per hour, without any awkward delays of any kind. Agents have complete control over their call experience. You choose the contacts. You’re already connected when prospects say “hello.” However, since PhoneBurner power dials for you, leaves pre-recorded voicemails with a click, sends custom emails based on the result of each call, streamlines workflows, and eliminates repetitive tasks, you blaze through contacts and have up to 4x more live conversations.

You’ll be amazed at how much more effective your callers are with PhoneBurner. You get all the benefits of that risky auto dialer, with CRM integration, voicemail drop, call recording, call transfer, email tracking, Local ID, lead distribution, advanced reporting, lead filtering, and more all available - only without the risk and quality control issues.

You’ll stay fresh as a daisy and your prospects will never know you’re using a dialer. Start your risk-free test drive today!

Auto Dialer vs. Power Dialer

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