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The Voicemail Drop Solution to Enable Outbound Sales

Did you know that 87% of sales calls fail to reach a live answer?

It's one of the inconvenient truths of selling over the phone.

That's why savvy sales professionals use dialer software with a voicemail drop service. It's the difference between repeating the same voicemail script over and over, versus dropping your pre-recorded voicemail messages with just one click.

How PhoneBurner Works

PhoneBurner is a cloud based power dialer and sales acceleration platform. There's nothing to install. Simply log in from any computer and you can make calls from any phone, or our VOIP softphone.

Start by recording your voice messages by uploading files, or dialing into our system. You can save unlimited pre-recorded voicemails to use during your dial sessions. Then import leads into our CRM (or integrate with your own) for seamless lead management, tracking, notation, and detailed contact records.

Choose your leads using our advanced filtering, and you're ready to go!

To begin a dial session call into PhoneBurner's bridge using any landline, mobile phone or VOIP soft phone. Our software takes over, dialing each contact in succession but leaving you in complete control of your dial session.

Reach a voicemail? Click a button and PhoneBurner will drop your chosen voicemail for you. There's no need to hang around and listen to your contact's recording. PhoneBurner waits on your behalf, and drops your pre-recorded phone message while already dialing the next contact.

  • Record and save as many pre-recorded voicemails as you need
  • Create multiple voicemail buttons (ie. English version & Spanish version)
  • Drop whichever voicemail is the most appropriate for each contact

Live answer? You'll hear your contact say “hello” and can begin speaking immediately. With PhoneBurner there is no awkward “telemarketing delay” so you can make the most of every conversation. Custom disposition sets are displayed during your dial session so you can automate actions for unrivalled efficiency.

The All-In-One Outbound Sales Dialer Solution

PhoneBurner is so much more than just a voicemail drop software.

Our platform's features include:

  • Power dialing
  • 1-click voicemail drop
  • 1-touch personalized emails (based on call outcome)
  • Email and attachment tracking
  • Custom dispositions
  • Integrated calendar
  • CRM & lead management
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Call tracking
  • Real-time reporting
  • Live leaderboards
  • Smart lead distribution
  • And more

The Most Trusted Solution by Sales Teams

PhoneBurner powers the sales efforts of thousands of clients and millions of calls every month - offering best-in-class reliability, features, and ease-of-use.

Whether you dial alone or manage a team of agents, PhoneBurner scales effortlessly to your needs. You can add/remove seats as needed, closely monitor productivity and performance, and quickly and easily get agents up and running. Our friendly support team is eager to help.

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