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Jump from phone call to face-to-face meeting in seconds

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Power up your outreach

Zoom integration

Power up your outreach

Need a face-to-face meeting or demo to help close the deal? Zoom for PhoneBurner makes it easy to transition from phone call to impromptu online meeting. Perfect for remote selling.

Reduce scheduling hassles

Schedule appointments with ease.

Reduce scheduling hassles

Why put off till tomorrow what you can do right now? Avoid back-and-forth scheduling emails and missed appointments.

Integrate in seconds

Easy Zoom integration

Integrate in seconds

Enter your Zoom meeting URL to set up the integration. Click the “Start Zoom” button from your dial session window or CRM to initiate the meeting and have your link instantly emailed to your contact.


PhoneBurner takes the stress out of sales calls

Any phone from anywhere

Log in to our cloud-based software from anywhere, and make calls from any phone. No special equipment needed.

Easy to deploy

Get an entire team up and running fast. PhoneBurner is easy to set up and use, and proudly offers award-winning support.

60-80 calls per hour

Save time and end sales call burnout. You’ll blaze though lead lists and have up to 4 more conversations.

Zero lag or delay

Enjoy instant lag-free connections every time, and make the most of every live answer.

Blend phone, email and SMS

Get better results from your outreach by maximizing touchpoints. PhoneBurner combines calls, emails, and text outreach.

Auto lead distribution

Save time and keep reps focused on calls with shared lead pools and smart lead distribution.

Built-in CRM

Keep contacts organized, and intelligently filter your contacts to create targeted call lists.

150+ Integrations

Integrate your favorite apps or CRM to PhoneBurner and get more done, in less time.

Custom reporting

Know what your team is up to and how they’re performing with up-to-the-minute analytics.


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PhoneBurner user JT Smith

JT Smith III

Just a perfect integration

“I told my team to go for 10,000 calls a month. They pretty much shattered it.”

PhoneBurner user Keisha Carter Brown

Keisha Carter Brown

Easy for anyone to learn

“Clients are doing 50 calls an hour by themselves. If I dial I get up to 70.”


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How do I set up the Zoom integration?

In your backoffice, navigate to the integrations page and click “Enable” next to Zoom. You’ll be prompted to enter your Zoom meeting URL. That’s it!

How does the integration work?

Click the “Start Zoom” button in the dialer window or contact record to launch your meeting room and email your contact with the meeting room link.

Are other remote selling tools available?

Yes. In fact, PhoneBurner powers the outreach of our own fully-remote sales team! Our software gives remote teams and admins the tools they need to maintain productivity and transparency from anywhere.

Can I schedule appointments in PhoneBurner?

Yes. While the Zoom integration is perfect for launching meetings on the fly, you can also use our calendar to schedule appointments and follow-ups. Our calendar integrates with Google Calendar.

Does PhoneBurner have voicemail drop?

Yes. PhoneBurner leaves your pre-recorded voicemail message in one click, while immediately moving you to the next contact. You don’t have to listen to the greeting or wait for the beep.

Are there per-minute fees?

No. All of our plans include unlimited power dialing. No watching the clock. Just queue up a list and start dialing!

Can I try PhoneBurner for free?

Absolutely. You don't even need a credit card. Click here to start your free trial.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

100% free trial. No credit card needed.