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Zapier integrates your favorite tools and apps with PhoneBurner

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Simple setup

Phoneburner/Zapier integration

Simple setup

Zapier is the perfect way to automate processes between PhoneBurner and your CRM, marketing apps, and 2,000+ other productivity tools - with no coding needed.

Boost call volume up to 4x

Call more leads in less time.

Boost call volume up to 4x

Want more conversations, appointments, and closed deals? Call 60-80 contacts per hour using any phone. Connections are 100% delay-free so contacts think you dialed them by hand.

Tedious tasks handled

Handle many tasks with one click

Tedious tasks handled

One button click can leave a voicemail, send an email, log the call, record notes and tags, and more. Zapier can automate other processes and move data in and out of PhoneBurner as needed.


Our dialer turns good reps into superstars

Make calls from anywhere

Use any phone or our softphone and a headset, for crystal clear connections.

No “telemarketing delay”

Make the most of every live answer. Hear contacts say “hello” and reply immediately.

Dial from local numbers

Want more live answers? Dial from local area codes that match your contacts’.

1-click voicemails

Save 60 seconds every time you reach voicemail. Leave a perfect pre-recorded voicemail without waiting for the beep.

1-click emails

Boost callbacks and conversions with email. Send templated emails based on the outcome of any and every call.

Automatically log calls

PhoneBurner logs every call and every outcome, for every rep.

Recording & Reporting

Call recordings and custom reports give you complete visibility over your team’s performance.

Simple integrations

Zapier creates seamless connections without coding to move data in or out of PhoneBurner.


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PhoneBurner user Kent M.

Kent M.

An invaluable tool for our clients

“PhoneBurner does all the 'heavy lifting' so I can focus on talking to people. Now I contact as many people in an hour as I used to in a day and a half.”

PhoneBurner user Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Easy to learn. Very responsive

“PhoneBurner is super easy to use and has a ton of amazing features. Customer support is top notch.”


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Which tools can I connect to PhoneBurner using Zapier?

A whole lot of them. Currently, Zapier supports over 2,000 PhoneBurner integrations. If you can find your tool here, you can automate your work and supercharge your productivity even further.

When should I use Zapier?

Zapier is the perfect integration tool for when you want to initiate an action based on a trigger. For example, if someone fills out a form on Facebook or your website, send their contact details to PhoneBurner. Or if someone is marked “Interested” in PhoneBurner, send them to my CRM.

How do I set up a Zapier integration?

Zaps are based on a trigger and an action. To push data into PhoneBurner, you’ll define a trigger in another app, and set the action to PhoneBurner. Alternatively, you can apply a Zapier webhook to a PhoneBurner disposition button as your trigger, and send contact and call details to another system.

Is a developer needed?

Zaps can be created in minutes without coding, and without a developer. Our friendly team is available to help if you need it.

How does dialing with PhoneBurner work?

Select the contacts you’d like to call and click “Begin Dial Session.” You’ll make one call into the PhoneBurner bridge using any phone, or your browser and a headset. PhoneBurner then dials your first contact. Custom buttons will log the outcome of each call and streamline all of your workflows (drop voicemails, send emails, move contacts, etc.) so you focus on live conversations.

Do contacts hear a delay before I start speaking?

No. You will hear your contacts say “hello” and can reply instantly. The experience is exactly as if you dialed each contact by hand.

Can I try PhoneBurner for free?

Absolutely. Start your no-obligation free trial today. Our team can help you leverage Zapier to build the automations you need.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

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