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Clinical research firm streamlines outreach, significantly increases patient recruitment for COVID-19 study, with less call center staff

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Key Achievements
  • Implemented a “rapid response” process so new leads are called almost instantly
  • Achieved significant increase in call volume, without having to hire more reps
  • Improved professionalism of critical email outreach, and gained email tracking capability
  • Increased recruitment numbers driving both revenue and growth potential

Amici Clinical helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies find participants for clinical studies needed to bring new medicines and vaccines to market. They have been instrumental in COVID vaccine trials, however they enroll patients in all kinds of research. Amici’s role includes advertising and outreach to locate and nurture prospective patients, as well as the health and consent screenings required for enrollment.

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“We wouldn't be recruiting as many patients. The efficiency of PhoneBurner has been the difference.”

David L. Rodin

David L. Rodin


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Challenges and Objectives

Amici Clinical’s sales cycle requires significant education and qualification. With prospects coming in via social media, radio, TV, billboards, and referrals, CEO David L. Rodin needed an efficient way to organize and distribute incoming leads from multiple sources. Because interest wanes quickly after prospects request information, reducing response times was critical.

Rodin also sought to systematize his multi-touch outreach process and automate postcall workflows to boost call volume. This included taking his company’s email outreach to the next level with standardized, professional templates, automated appointment setting, and the ability to track attachment opens to ensure patients were reading consent forms prior to appointments.

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The Solution

Using Zapier, website and social media leads were pushed directly into PhoneBurner so they could be claimed in real-time. Rodin customized a 6-call follow-up cadence for his reps, complete with 1-click voicemails and emails for every possible call outcome. PhoneBurner’s SmartSender enabled reps to track email opens and attachment views, and perform additional follow-ups needed to acquire consent.

Rodin also developed processes for aged leads to help him fill future studies with less ad spend.

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The Results

This is so much better than what we were working with before.

Using PhoneBurner’s LeadStream real-time lead distribution tool, Amici’s reps now call inbound leads almost immediately, striking while the iron is hot. The team’s dramatic increase in call volume and follow-ups meant scaling up without having to hire and train a single new rep, a time-consuming and expensive process. Even the health screening facilities are seeing increased efficiency, as higher patient preparedness is leading to shorter appointment times.

Most exciting is the rise in recruitment numbers. Normally, Amici is asked to cap vaccine study enrollment at 30, but was encouraged to go bigger for a recent COVID-19 trial. Outreach proved so successful that their client asked them to stop when they hit 300+ screenings. “They’re like, ‘yeah, that’s enough,’” Rodin smiled, indicating that results like these are likely to win him future contracts.

Preparing for growth, Amici will soon open another office. “It’s nice to know you’re making a difference. Your software is part of the fight.”


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