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Integrate PhoneBurner and Zoho CRM for seamless dialing and contact management

PhoneBurner power dialer
Zoho CRM dialer integration

Call Zoho CRM contacts up to 4x faster

Integrate your Zoho CRM with PhoneBurner’s power dialer and start dialing up to 80 contacts per hour. Select contacts directly from Zoho’s Leads or Contacts module and use any phone or softphone to connect. You’ll enjoy up to 4x more live conversations - with no awkward pause or delay.

PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks to maximize talk-time. Leave pre-recorded voicemails without waiting for the beep. Send personalized emails based on call outcome in one click. Automatically log calls and automate post-call workflows. Zoho contact records are updated automatically.

Installing our Zoho CRM dialer extension

Installing our Zoho dialer extension into your Zoho CRM takes minutes. Watch the video below to see how PhoneBurner helps you get better results with your outreach, with less time and effort. Then start your free trial to experience it for yourself.

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Integration Requirements
A PhoneBurner account Free Trial
A Zoho CRM account Account
Fantastic app, and better, fantastic company

“PhoneBurner worked with me tirelessly and efficiently and very quickly to fully integrate into my own community environment, smoothly navigating a tricky technological hurdle… They just took care of it.”

Kevin L.

Score Selling

An invaluable tool for our clients

“PhoneBurner has been an invaluable tool for our clients. The integration with our software is extremely easy to use… and our clients continuously rave about the increases that they have seen in contacting after implementing the tool.

Sarah G.


Great tool to increase productivity

“This app truly helps inside sales reps attempt to reach 50+ leads in an hour. Our sales team loves the automated emails and the activities being logged for them. From an admin standpoint the maintenance is simple. Nice to have an app you can actually calculate an ROI.

Lee B.

Triple your calls in the same amount of time – amazing app

“I am a mortgage professional and this tool helps me to maximize my efforts in a third of the time. The integration works very well… I was able to integrate and set up easy myself. Love the tool.”

Robert D.

Make more connections. Convert more sales.

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