Power dialer for Zoho CRM

Get through calls faster and connect live with up to 4x more contacts with PhoneBurner + Zoho.

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Turbocharge your outreach

sales crm features of phoneburner cloud dialer

Turbocharge your outreach

Lead engagement drives sales. PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks, so reps engage more contacts in meaningful conversation. Get better results from your outreach, in less time with our native Zoho dialer integration.

Dial without leaving Zoho

automate your workflow and communications

Dial without leaving Zoho

Launch dial sessions from the Contacts or Leads module of your Zoho CRM, and reach up to 80 contacts per hour. Customizable dispositions streamline your workflows, and activity is automatically updated in Zoho.

More touchpoints = bigger pipeline

dialer with sms text messaging

More touchpoints = bigger pipeline

Text messaging results in more conversations, callbacks, and opportunities. PhoneBurner makes it easy to send texts during dial sessions, or right from the contact record.


Hear "Hello"

Awkward silence kills sales calls. Get instant connections and natural conversations, every time.

Drop voicemails

Leave a perfect pre-recorded voicemail. No need to listen to the greeting or wait for the beep.

Send emails

Send 1-click emails based on the result of every call. Boost callbacks replies, and engagement.

Local Caller ID

Boost reach rates with Local ID. Users average over 50% more live answers using local area codes.

Send SMS

Text contacts directly from the dialer window to boost exposure and response rates.

Call recordings

Automatically record calls to uncover training and conversion opportunities.

Zoho auto-logging

Notes, contact records, and activity is automatically logged in Zoho CRM, saving time and hassle.

Email tracking

See when contacts open emails, click links, and watch videos, and strike while the iron is hot.


Have a clear picture of how reps are performing and make smart decisions that drive growth.


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PhoneBurner user Kevin L. working at Score Selling

Kevin L.

Score Selling

Fantastic app, and better, fantastic company

“PhoneBurner worked with me tirelessly and efficiently and very quickly to fully integrate into my own community environment, smoothly navigating a tricky technological hurdle… They just took care of it.”

PhoneBurner user Sarah G. working at LeadingResponse

Sarah G.


An invaluable tool for our clients

“PhoneBurner has been an invaluable tool for our clients. The integration with our software is extremely easy to use… and our clients continuously rave about the increases that they have seen in contacting after implementing the tool.


How do I set up the Zoho dialer integration?

Installing the PhoneBurner extension into your Zoho environment takes just minutes. To begin, click "Install" from our Marketplace page. Then follow the prompts to confirm your settings and permissions.

How do I dial from the Zoho CRM?

Launch dial sessions directly from the Contacts or Leads module. Simply select your contacts and click the PhoneBurner button to launch the dialer.

How does PhoneBurner work?

PhoneBurner handles repetitive tasks so you have up to 4x more live conversations. Drop voicemails without waiting for the beep, send 1-click emails based on call outcome, and automate call logging and post-call workflows.

Is activity automatically logged in Zoho CRM?

Yes. Notes, contact record updates, call results and activity are all automatically logged in your Zoho CRM.

Do contacts hear a delay before I start speaking?

There's no awkward pause or silence when using PhoneBurner. You'll hear contacts say "hello" and can respond instantly.

Can I try PhoneBurner for free?

Absolutely. Start a free trial to take our Zoho dialer for a spin. No credit card is needed.

Make more connections. Convert more sales.

100% free trial. No credit card needed.