Power dialer for Hubspot

Dial Hubspot contacts up to 4x faster and multiply live interactions

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Simply outstanding outbound

Power dial Hubspot contacts

Simply outstanding outbound

Finally a dialer reps love to use. Highly customizable. Easy-to-use. Blazing fast. Yet it delivers instant, delay-free connections, every time. Reach 60-80 contacts per hour and start closing more deals.

Syncs with your Hubspot CRM

Hubspot dialer integration

Syncs with your Hubspot CRM

Installing the PhoneBurner dialer for Hubspot is fast and easy. Map folders and create a 2-way sync with your CRM. Call activity is automatically logged in Hubspot. Edits to contact records are seamlessly synced across systems.

Replace task-time with talk-time

Workflow automation software

Replace task-time with talk-time

PhoneBurner handles time-consuming tasks like leaving voicemails, sending emails, recording notes and logging calls. Reps stay fresh and focused on live conversations, engaging with up to 4x more contacts every dial session.


Get unlimited dialing and take productivity to new heights

No “telemarketer delay”

Hear contacts say “hello” and reply instantly. Reduce hangups and make the most of every live answer.

Leave voicemails

7 out of 10 calls go to voicemail. Leave a perfect message in one click, without waiting for the beep.

Instant emails

Boost replies and engagement by sending a personalized email after any call - in just one click.

Local Caller IDs

Dynamically display local area codes your contacts recognize, and dramatically boost answer rates.

Text messaging

98% of SMS messages get seen. Send timely texts and increase engagement and callbacks.

Call recording

Hold reps accountable and coach them to success with easy-to-access call recordings.

Hubspot auto-logging

Disposition the call in PhoneBurner and the call outcome is automatically logged in Hubspot.

Email tracking

What happens after you hit send? Track email opens, clicks, document and video views, and more.


Keep an eye on the metrics that matter with custom productivity and performance reports.


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PhoneBurner user Sarah G. working at LeadingResponse

Sarah G.

An invaluable tool for our clients

“PhoneBurner has been an invaluable tool for our clients. The integration with our software is extremely easy to use… and our clients continuously rave about the increases that they have seen in contacting after implementing the tool.”

PhoneBurner user Tyler S.

Tyler S.

Powerful sales accelerator

PhoneBurner has allowed me to make 3 to 4 times as many dials and increase my connection rate. So far I have been able to generate the same number of appointments in ⅓ of the time.


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How do I set up the Hubspot dialer integration?

The dialer integration requires both a Hubspot and PhoneBurner account. From PhoneBurner's Integration settings page, select Hubspot to initiate the install. Follow the prompts to map your data, bring contacts into PhoneBurner, and create a 2-way sync between systems. Our team is here to help if you need it.

How do I dial my Hubspot contacts?

To dial your Hubspot contacts simply log in to PhoneBurner. With our 2-way sync, your contacts tab displays your updated Hubspot contact records. Choose the contacts you wish to call, and launch your power dialing session.

How does PhoneBurner work?

PhoneBurner dials contacts, leaves voicemails (no need to wait for the beep), sends 1-click emails based on call outcome, and automates call logging and post-call workflows. With time-consuming tasks handled, you can look forward to more live conversations, more callbacks, and more closed deals.

Is activity automatically logged in Hubspot?

Yes. Contact record updates, notes, call activity, and outcomes are all automatically logged in Hubspot.

Will contacts hear an awkward pause after answering?

No. Connections with PhoneBurner are 100% delay free, so you’ll hear contacts say “hello” and can start replying immediately. That means fewer hangups, more high quality conversations, and more opportunities.

Is any special equipment needed?

No. Our cloud-based dialer requires no downloads, installs, or special equipment. Make calls from anywhere. Use any phone - mobile, landline, or VOIP softphone.

What kind of support is available?

Get friendly, reliable U.S. based support from day 1. Our award-winning customer care team loves helping clients succeed, and is available by phone, email, or messenger. Webinars, training videos, and a comprehensive knowledgebase are also available.

Does PhoneBurner have a free trial?

Absolutely. Take our power dialer for a spin and make sure it’s a perfect fit for your team. Start a free trial today, no credit card needed.

Make impactful sales conversations. Close more sales deals.

100% free trial. No credit card needed.