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Get valuable team features and admin controls

Do you work with or manage a team of inside sales professionals? Our team accounts give your agents the tools they need to increase phone productivity, and sell more effectively. They give you full administrative control, empower you to distribute leads intelligently and automatically, and deliver real-time reporting to help you monitor activity, make better decisions, and improve team-wide results.

No setup fees. No contracts. Add/remove seats as needed.

Manager tools for more successful teams

Full Admin Control

PhoneBurner Enterprise Admin

You control everything from one easy-to-use account. Assign and suspend seats, access and change login data, and enable and disable contact import and export. Network your accounts to enable contact sharing or keep them independent.

Real Time Reporting

PhoneBurner Enterprise Real Time Reporting

Know exactly what agents are up to you. Real-time reports help you measure productivity and performance, so you can hold agents accountable and reward success. Plus, in-depth team metrics, session statistics, and call recordings empower you to assess training needs, and take actions that drive results.

Content Configuration

PhoneBurner Enterprise Content Configuration

We make it easy for you to customize your accounts – with emails, button configurations, call scripts and more – so your team can focus on selling. Eliminate tedious content and configuration work by pushing changes to your organization, whenever it becomes necessary.

Smart Lead Distribution

PhoneBurner Smart Lead Distribution

LeadStream is a game-changer that saves time, reduces lead costs, and improves conversion. Intelligently and automatically distribute leads to your team with highly customizable set of delivery rules. Define recipients, lead quantity, delivery order, unworked lead redistribution and more. Learn more.


PhoneBurner Leaderboard

Want to motivate your sales agents with some friendly competition? Broadcast a real-time leaderboard monitor in your office or phone room. Let agents compete daily for calls made, talk time, “interested” prospects and other metrics, and watch their productivity soar.

Dedicated Success Manager

PhoneBurner Dedicated Success Manager

Your success is our primary objective. Teams of 5 or more have a dedicated success manager to turn to for advice of all kinds, and to help you get the most out of PhoneBurner's time-saving and performance-enhancing features. Smaller team? One-on-one support is still available whenever you need it.

Premium features for every seat

Unlimited power dialing
Send 1-click emails
Leave 1-click voicemails
Personal “do-not-call” list
Custom dispositions
Integrated Google search
Advanced lead filtering
Built in CRM (+100s of integrations)
One-on-one onboarding
Use your own email server
SmartSender with retargeting
Call transfer
Call recording
SmartSender email, attachment, and link tracking

Make more connections. Convert more sales.

Unlimited usage per seat. All features. Amazing support.

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