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Inside sales professionals need tools that will give them an edge. PhoneBurner is a complete inside sales service solution that combines power dialing and sales acceleration technology — for dramatically improved results. Our software is easy-to-use right out of the box, yet powerfully customizable. And there’s nothing to install.

PhoneBurner Benefits

Some of the benefits you’ll find with PhoneBurner include:

  • More dials and live conversations: PhoneBurner eliminates repetitive tasks that that waste time and lead to burnout. Our power dialing software dials your leads for you, leaves pre-recorded voicemails — without you having to listen to their recording — sends personalized emails, streamlines workflow, and more — so you spend more time speaking to contacts. Reach up to 80 contacts per hour.
  • No "call killing" awkward pauses: Unlike predictive dialer software and auto dialers, PhoneBurner is free of delays and awkward pauses. You hear your contact say hello. They hear you reply. In other words, they have no idea inside sales dialing software is being used. With PhoneBurner, your leads don't start off on the defensive — which leads to better, more successful conversations.
  • More live answers: Teams regularly struggle with getting leads to answer the phone. Statistically, more than eight out of 10 dials go unanswered. Local ID can help. By displaying a local caller ID on the recipient’s phone, sales agents can generate up to 4x more answers and live conversations. PhoneBurner offers flexible packages so you pay only for the area codes you need — and one Local ID package covers an entire inside sales team!
  • Top features for sales professionals: PhoneBurner is more than just a dialing program. Our built-in CRM keeps contacts organized and records notes and contact history. It also allows you to tag, sort, and categorize leads for more effective dial sessions. Our SmartSender feature tracks email opens, link clicks, attachment views, and more — so agents can follow-up with the perfect message, at precisely the right time.

Monitor call recordings and dial session analytics. Track agent productivity and performance in real time. Intelligently distribute leads to your team. PhoneBurner is an all-in-one solution — and it's brilliantly simple to use for both agents and admins. With various integrations and our developer API, PhoneBurner can seamlessly connect with your existing CRM or software.

Sales, Streamlined

For an inside sales team, calling software is critical to success. PhoneBurner delivers powerful gains in efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the call itself. No pauses or delays.

Combined with built-in reporting, follow-up, lead tracking, and lead distribution, PhoneBurner is an end-to-end solution sales teams love. Our fanatical support staff is here to help get you up and running quickly, with no contracts and no setup fees. To learn more about team accounts and save up to 50% per seat, check out our pricing information today.

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