Auto Dialer Software – May Not Be The Right Choice

Here’s why, and a popular and effective alternative.

Looking for a massive productivity boost for outbound sales calls?

There’s no question about it. Not having to dial numbers by hand is key. After all, manual dialing is slow, repetitive, and leads to mistakes. But it’s important to note that there are various platforms that will dial numbers for you—but some have dangers and downsides you must be aware of.

The term “auto dialer” or “automatic dialer” refers to software that dials numbers until it reaches a live answer, and then plays a recording, or routes the call to an available agent—like a predictive dialer.

The problem? Routing calls produces that awkward pause (the “telemarketer delay”) that screams sales call and leads to reduced response rates. There are certain legality issues associated with these platforms as well.

PhoneBurner, on the other hand, lets you choose a list of leads and calls them for you—but without ever relinquishing your control or routing calls. Plus, it can instantly leave voicemails, send customized emails, take notes, schedule follow-ups and more, all with a few clicks. The result is a dramatic increase in productivity, without sacrificing quality in any way.

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