Auto Dialer Software – May Not Be The Right Choice

Here’s why, and the #1 most effective alternative.

Think an Auto Dialer is Right for You? Not So Fast...

Let's face it. Manual dialing is slow, repetitive, and grossly inefficient for most sales organizations.

But it’s important to note that while there are various platforms that will dial numbers for you— many so-called automatic dialers, carry risks and disadvantages you must be aware of, especially for sales organizations.

The term “auto dialer” or “automatic dialer” refers to software that dials numbers until it reaches a live answer, and then plays a recording, or routes the call to an available agent.

That might sound super efficient. And in terms of call volume, it is. However, in terms of sales effectiveness there are much better options. Options that don't result in that awkward pause (the “telemarketer delay”) that screams sales call, and leads to hang-ups and drastically reduced response rates. If your goal is to have productive live conversations, a traditional auto dialer is not a good option.

Then come the legality issues associated with automated dialing...

Automated Dialing Software and TCPA/FCC Compliance

It better be! Auto dialers are strictly regulated by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or Federal Communications Commission (FCC) standards. Violating the terms of the TCPA exposes your business to hefty fines as high as $16,000, for EACH violation. For small to medium businesses, that can be devastating.

Most businesses are aware of do-not-call (DNC) restrictions, as well as time restrictions. However, when it comes to auto dialer software, a major risk is dropped calls. Exceed more than 3 percent and you're in violation.

By design, automatic dialer services produce dropped calls. That's because when someone picks up, an agent isn't always available to route the call to. Is it worth frustrating your contacts, hurting your sales numbers and putting your business at risk?

Not when there's such an effective alternative.

An Efficient Alternative that Helps You Fully Comply

PhoneBurner still dials for you, blazes through contacts, and delivers a massive boost in productivity. And because our software produces no frustration-producing delays or dropped calls, agents have a huge edge in their ability to have productive conversations.

Unlike users of predictive and autodialers, PhoneBurner users do not risk incurring TCPA fines and penalties for dropped calls. Our single-line dialer is built to maximize quality, live conversations and allow you to fully comply with the TCPA. Our system also won’t make calls after 9 p.m. local time and can even help you manage a DNC list.

More contacts. Better follow-up. Valuable insights. It's all here...

PhoneBurner is easy-to-use, and offers industry-leading features to power your sales team:

  • Reach 447% more contacts
  • Drop voicemails in a click
  • Send personalized emails in a click
  • Track email opens, link clicks, & attachment views
  • Record calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Monitor agent performance with real-time and historical data
  • Intelligently distribute leads to your team
  • Get agents up and running in minutes
  • Maintain detailed contact records with our CRM, or yours
  • And much more
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