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Cloud-based platform for more efficient, and more effective outbound sales efforts. No installation required.

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PhoneBurner’s cloud-based hosted dialer software dramatically increases productivity for individuals and teams who sell over the phone. Login from any computer. Access, sort, and search contacts from anywhere. Make calls from ANY phone.

Power dial up to 80 calls per hour — and multiply live conversations, appointment-setting results, and sales. Reach an answering machine? Leave pre-recorded messages in a click and PhoneBurner starts dialing the next contact. You don’t even have to listen to their recording.

Get a live answer? There’s no awkward pause to sabotage your efforts. You’re fully in control with all of your contact’s data and history in front of you. Custom disposition sets let you send an email based on call outcome, move contacts to a new folder, record a note, and more — all in a single click.

PhoneBurner offers a superior feature set to other cloud dialer solutions — including call recording, real-time email and attachment tracking, internal do-not-call lists, Local ID, and much more. Why not start your free trial today? See for yourself why thousands of inside sales professionals trust PhoneBurner to help them sell more.

PhoneBurner’s Cloud Based hosted Dialer software

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