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The cloud-based auto dialer alternative to close more sales from anywhere

Why do you need a cloud hosted dialer system? If so, you’re probably looking for dialing solutions with efficiency, flexibility and speed.

Our web-based power dialer means not only will your sales department make more phone calls in less time, but contacts can be managed, and dials can be made from anywhere. Simply log in from any computer, dial in from any phone, and PhoneBurner's online power dialing program blazes through your contacts - up to 80 per hour.

Key features & benefits of our cloud hosted dialer system

You’re probably already aware of the high-level benefits of using our web based auto dialer software alternative. For one, you can get yourself and your sales team up and running almost immediately - no downloads, no installs and no hardware. There’s also little to no training, but we earn rave reviews for our customer support and are ALWAYS here to help.

Your account can be set up in minutes. You can start importing leads, record a voicemail, and begin dialing phone numbers immediately. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Drop a voicemail in a click (without having to wait/listen to their recording)
  • Send personalized emails in a click - based on call outcome
  • Track email opens and attachment opens
  • NO awkward delays - hear your contact say “hello”
  • Effortless contact management via cloud CRM & online phone dialer
  • Streamline workflows with custom disposition sets
  • Intelligently distribute leads to your sales agents
  • Access robust reporting and analytics

PhoneBurner's power dialer is a game changer among hosted dialer solutions

Is all cloud hosted outbound dialer technology similar?

Not really. In fact, there are some dramatic differences that will likely play a big role in your decision. These differences go beyond features that may or may not be included in a particular company's dialer solutions, and they are representative of the kind of dialer technology itself.

For example, hosted predictive dialer solutions are "multi-line" dialers. They dial many numbers at once, and AFTER someone answers, the call gets routed to the first available agent. With hosted predictive dialer services, the person who answers the call hears an audible delay between the time they answer the call, and when they are connected with an agent. The result? The recipient knows it's a sales call.

The impact of this delay is that the productivity gains delivered by a cloud based predictive dialer can be offset by decreases in call quality and results.

Another example is a cloud or web based auto dialer. While these names are often used descriptively (by someone who doesn't want to dial manually), a cloud automatic dialer is actually a specific kind of dialer technology. This hosted dialer can dial multiple numbers at once, and when the call is answered, they are either routed to an available agent, or a recorded message begins playing.

PhoneBurner is neither a predictive dialer nor an auto dialer. Our web based power dialer software offers significant increases in productivity - without sacrificing call quality. The software dials numbers for you, but you are always present to hear the contact say hello. By streamlining workflows and eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks, PhoneBurner can maximize live conversations with clients.

The hosted dialer solution that scales with your team

Agents love how easy PhoneBurner is to use, and managers love how quickly they can get their agents set up and dialing. Our team accounts offer exclusive features built to help teams be more efficient, more effective, and more accountable.

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PhoneBurner’s Cloud Based hosted Dialer software

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“A friend clued me into PB & I was skeptical at 1st. But my first night I doubled my appointment sets… Yesterday PB dialed 150 numbers in 3.5 hours. I left 101 voicemails, reached 35 people & scheduled 19. The goal in the office is schedule 10 per day. No one has asked what I’m doing different, I'm just always #1 on the days I work. ”

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Gregory Scott

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Frequently asked questions about our cloud hosted dialer

A hosted dialer is an outbound calling solution that is based in the cloud. No physical software or download is needed. Agents can log in from anywhere with an internet connection, manage contact records, and engage in highly productive dial sessions.

There are many different kinds of dialers that meet different needs of individuals, businesses, call centers, and other organizations. Each has a unique set of features to meet these needs. Learn more about types of dialing technology.

Our hosted dialer offers many benefits, including:

  • Reach 60-80 contacts per hour

  • Have up to 4x more live conversations

  • No “telemarketer” delay or awkward pause

  • No special equipment needed to make calls

  • Automate post-call workflows and call logging

  • Keep track of your team’s activity and outcomes

Other than an internet connection, there are no requirements to use PhoneBurner’s hosted dialer solution. Make calls from anywhere using any telephone - mobile or landline - or right from your browser with our softphone. A headset is recommended when using a softphone.

Get unlimited dialing, with no per minute fees, from $149/month. PhoneBurner has no setup fees, and is available on a month-to-month basis. Try it for free, without a credit card. Learn more.

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