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There is a certain allure to VOIP dialers. There's no need for a phone line or carrier, or a phone itself. All that call center agents need is a headset and internet connection, and they can talk to contacts freely and efficiently. That means conducting dial sessions from virtually anywhere.

However there's a drawback to VOIP based dialers as well. Because calls are made over the internet by an agent, and the internet connection speed impacts the quality of the call itself. Even at high connection speeds, other open applications on an agent's computer can compete for bandwidth, reducing the connection quality.

PhoneBurner gives you the best of both worlds. We offer VOIP connection through our softphone, however calls are made using copper wire technology. That means superior audio quality and reliability. Or, agents can dial into our bridge using any phone, landline or mobile. The choice is yours.

The alternative to VOIP predictive dialers

More and more fans of VOIP ddialer technology are switching away from predictive dialing software.

And with good reason…

Predictive dialers or auto dialers can call a lot of phone numbers on a contact list in a short period of time. However, they're notorious for the "dead air" - call waiting - delay that follows a live answer. This pause increases hang-ups and can dramatically reduce the success of calling campaigns.

Potential penalties lower the appeal of VOIP predictive dialers as well. Because multi-line dialers call so many people, agents aren't always available to answer. If you drop more than 3 percent of your calls, it's a violation of both TSR and TCPA compliance standards in the U.S. - and the penalties under the TSR can be up to $43,792, and that's just for a single violation. VOIP dialers are all about productivity, yet with VOIP based predictive dialer software, it often comes at the expense of conversation quality, control, and quotas.

Seal the deal with a VOIP power dialer

Our power dialing technology offers massive productivity gains like a VOIP-based predictive dialer, but without any awkward pauses, like in the case of an auto dialer. Our users also face no risk of incurring TCPA fines and penalties for dropped calls - which do not occur with our software.

Our cloud-based VOIP dialer also requires no installations, downloads, or advanced setup and can help you blaze through contacts to maximize live business conversations.

Our impressive feature set includes:

  • Power dial 4x more contacts
  • No awkward pause
  • 1-click voicemails
  • 1-touch emails
  • Email and attachment tracking
  • CRM integration or use ours
  • Custom disposition sets
  • Call recording
  • SMS text messaging
  • Real-time & historical reports
  • Manager admin portal
  • Internal do-not-call lists
  • Automated lead distribution
  • And much more

Agents spend less time handling repetitive tasks and more time talking to prospects and customers. You'll experience dramatic increases in contact rates and get more done in half the time. Our VOIP dialer is also modern and intuitive with a best-in-class feature set.

The preferred VOIP solution by sales teams

Our VOIP power dialer is trusted by thousands of clients, making millions of calls every month. Take advantage of our 100% free trial and our award-winning support team - and start seeing next-level results in days, not months.

There are no setup fees. No contracts. And you begin your free trial without a credit card. Try PhoneBurner today and see why we're the new way sales teams are blasting through quotas and surpassing their goals.

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"I'm with a small start-up where we need to increase our customer base rapidly… PhoneBurner has allowed us to increase the amount of calls our BDRs can make dramatically. We love how easy the platform is to use and how you can build your own automation buttons".

Dan Komm, PhoneBurner user.

Dan Komm

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Frequently asked questions about VoIP dialer

A VoIP dialer is software that allows you to place calls over the internet. In other words, no phone line or telephone is needed. Calls can be placed or received using your browser and speakers or a headset. VoIP dialing can be an efficient, convenient option for outbound sales and prospecting.

When calling through PhoneBurner, simply select our browser dialing option. This connects your computer to our dialing platform using VoIP (though calls will be placed over traditional phone lines for superior audio quality). You can select the Caller ID that will display for your prospects. Calls can be made to landlines, mobile phones, or to virtual VoIP numbers.

The biggest disadvantage of VoIP dialing is that call quality and reliability decreases. A fast internet connection is essential, and latency and jittering issues may arise. A major advantage of PhoneBurner is that while you'll use VoIP to connect to our bridge, calls are actually made over hard-wired copper phone lines - for unsurpassed quality and reliability.

The biggest advantage to VoIP dialing is the convenience. There's no need for a phone or phone line. Additionally, our software can also dial numbers for you, log call outcomes, leave 1-click voicemails, send emails based on call outcome, and streamline post-call workflows.

Our VoIP dialer includes unlimited dialing and offers omni-channel outreach via phone, email, and text. A CRM, 1-click voicemails, workflow automation, automatic call logging, and reporting are also available. Click here to view pricing plans or to start a free trial.

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