How to do a dial-session from Salesforce

Using PhoneBurner for Salesforce 

PhoneBurner’s power dialer dramatically boosts live client interactions and overall productivity by 447%. PhoneBurner automatically dials contacts live. If voicemail picks up, a single click sends a professional pre recorded voicemail and personalized email.  

Salesforce records are updated as well, allowing the seller to immediately take the next call.

Use this step-by-step guide to learn how to do a dial-session from inside your Salesforce account. If you need assistance, please contact support at: (888) 928-7637 [email protected]

From your Salesforce Object tab:

1. Open the List and select the Records to call from the List, by checking the boxes on the left.

2. Click the “Begin PhoneBurner Session” button (This button may be hidden in a menu). This will take you to a new window  summarizing the Records you’re about call.  

3. Click “Start My Dial Session”.

4. That will open a login window that prompts you to enter your PhoneBurner credentials.  

Once you’re logged in, you’ll have a chance to configure your dial session:  

1. Select a voicemail.  

2. Select a disposition set (The buttons you will using while dialing to set the call outcome).  

3. Click “Continue”. 

Once you’ve configured your session, you’ll be asked to connect to the PhoneBurner system.  

1. Depending on your account level there can be 3 options to connect Phone, Browser, and Connect Me  

2. Follow the instructions on the Tab for your connection option

Now that you’re connected, you can begin your dial-session.  

1. Click the “Start Dialing” button to call the first contact. 

As you’re dialing, PhoneBurner displays the details of the contact.  

1. The phone number that is listed first on the contact is called. Depending on the call outcome the system call call the additional numbers or move on to the next record or you can click the “Dial” button next to a number to call an alternate number.  

2. To edit the contact directly inside, click the “Edit in Salesforce” link.  

3. While in the session you can add a “Create note” or “Create a Followup Task” using the button ins the dial session window

3. Select the appropriate disposition based on the result of the call. This will automatically log the call outcome back to Salesforce as a completed call Task.

4. At any time, you can Pause a session or End a session. Pausing a session means the  system won’t automatically call the next lead. It’ll wait for you to continue. however, any active calls will continue. Ending the session will immediately disconnect you from PhoneBurner and terminate the current call.

Once you’re done with your dial-session, you can close the dial-session window. All your call  activity is recorded inside the contacts’ details.