What's New In PhoneBurner: September 2023

Rebecca Bender

March 15, 2024

3 min

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A highly-requested integration, a new report, better search, and a pair of quick wins... all in a month's work 💪. Here's what we released in September to help you save time and have more quality conversations.

Outreach integration incoming



Outreach.io customer? We're actively building an integration and looking for early adopters. Interested? Go to your integration settings page and click the orange "Learn more" button.

Advanced search upgrades

Our advanced search tool notched 2 notable enhancements this month:

1. Custom fields: search ranges
Have custom fields with numerical data? Fine tune the customers you query and call by searching within a specific range.



2. Location Information: search multiple time zones
Select multiple time zones within a single query for more efficient outreach.


New report: LeadStream Member Breakdown


Using LeadStream to distribute leads to your agents? Pull up the new "Member Breakdown" report to compare agent performance on stats like calls, connection rate, talk time, and more.

Dial from calendar entries


Do you set appointments to remember important follow-ups? Need to remind prospects of upcoming meetings? Now you can call a contact directly from a calendar appointment entry.

Finished dial session label


The "Recent Dial Sessions" table on your "Call History" tab allows you to name and finish incomplete dial sessions. Now, upon finishing a named dial session, the table will label it accordingly.

More to come...

Stay tuned for our next update and check out our blog for the latest product updates, sales analysis, and more.

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