What's New In PhoneBurner: February 2024

Rebecca Bender

March 5, 2024

3 min

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This shorter month delivered some big wins, including an improved live calls dashboard and built-in background noise cancellation. What's more, we're getting close to launching some highly-requested inbound call routing features.

Here are the highlights.


Enhanced Coaching & Monitoring

Live calls dashboard

Team admins, your newly rebranded "Live Calls" dashboard is enhanced with some fantastic upgrades:

- A responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices

- A call duration counter to enhance coaching opportunities

- Filters to display all agents, active agents, or live calls only

- Last login date for all inactive agents


Peace of Mind with Krisp.ai

Krisp.ai noise cancellation

Professional & Premium accounts now have Krisp's industry-leading noise cancellation technology built in to your softphone. Remove background noise and enhance voice clarity with no special hardware, for peace of mind and enhanced productivity.


Coming Soon: New Call Routing Features


Your requests have been heard! We're excited to announce upcoming enhancements to inbound call routing. Soon, you'll be able to set up keypress menu options and simultaneously ring multiple agents for more efficient and customized call handling.


More to come...

Stay tuned for our next update and check out our blog for the latest product updates, sales analysis, and more.

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