PhoneBurner's New Krisp Integration Means More Quality Conversations

Rebecca Bender

March 5, 2024

3 min

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PhoneBurner is excited to announce a seamless integration with that brings peace of mind, enhanced productivity, and more quality conversations to our customers.

Whether it's the clamor of a nearby co-worker, the racket of construction work, or an untimely dog barking, both in-office and remote agents regularly grapple with background noise.

These disruptions negatively impact both customer and sales interactions, hurting agent productivity and performance.

Our new integration harnesses the power of AI to remove background noise, so agents are more focused, professional and effective in their interactions.

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of our integration and the benefits it brings to our valued customers.

The Power of Krisp Technology

Krisp has emerged as the industry leader in the realm of noise cancellation technology. 

By leveraging advanced machine-learning algorithms, Krisp can distinguish between background noise and your voice, effectively removing the former, while enhancing your voice clarity.

Krisp works in any environment, and acts as a smart “layer” between your device and PhoneBurner-powered phone calls.

Best of all, the technology is built directly into the softphone so our customers can focus on what they do best.

It’s one more way we’re raising the bar on call quality.

Benefits for PhoneBurner Users

The integration of Krisp into PhoneBurner's softphone brings a host of benefits that go beyond the surface. 

“Our focus at PhoneBurner is quality conversations,” said Rachel Hechter, Head of Product at PhoneBurner. “Integrating Krisp into our softphone gives our customers peace of mind that when they connect with contacts, the conversations will be clear and professional.”

Let's explore some key benefits:

Enhance Productivity

“Sorry, can you say that again?” 

“I can’t hear you. Can you call back another time?” 


Having to repeat yourself or reschedule calls due to background noise isn’t just frustrating, it’s a time waster. In some cases, prolonged noise - such as construction - can prevent agents from making calls for hours at a time.

Whether you’re prospecting in an office setting or working remotely, integrated noise-cancellation technology increases productivity by allowing for uninterrupted calls and dial sessions. 

Improve Outcomes

In addition to productivity-related costs, disruptive noise in your environment can damage customer perception. In some cases, it can turn an otherwise positive interaction into a deal-ender.

PhoneBurner’s softphone gives your team a professional phone presence that results in better call experiences and better outcomes.

Reduce Hardware Costs

With noise cancellation built into PhoneBurner, there's no need for costly specialized headsets or elaborate hardware setups. You can get new agents up and running faster, and support more flexible work locations with confidence.

Sidestep the financial burden associated with equipment-based solutions, and adopt technology that works seamlessly in any environment.

Focus on What Matters 

Telecommunications comes with its fair share of challenges, and distracting background noise shouldn't be one of them. The integration empowers your team to concentrate on the content of their conversations rather than battling against environmental disturbances. This focus leads to more effective communication and better decision-making.

Over to you

In an age when getting contacts on the phone is challenging enough, the need for clear, distraction-free conversations has never been more critical. 

With this innovative collaboration, PhoneBurner empowers its users to navigate the challenges of noisy offices or remote environments with confidence, professionalism, and unparalleled audio quality. 

Have a Professional or Premium account?
Your softphone is Krisp-integrated! Find Krisp in your dial session settings.

Have a Standard plan?
Upgrade your plan to take advantage of our Krisp-integrated softphone along with other valuable features like call coaching, increased lead imports, and more.Elevate your conversations with PhoneBurner and – because every word deserves to be heard.

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