What's New In PhoneBurner: June 2023

Rebecca Bender

March 15, 2024

3 min

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Here's a look at some of our newest releases to help heat up your summer call campaigns. Let's dive in.

Zapier triggers & dupe scrubbing

Zapier is a fantastic workflow automation tool that connects PhoneBurner to your favorite tools.

With version 2.7.0, PhoneBurner can be used as a trigger to monitor a folder and Zap data whenever contacts are added or updated. Version 2.7.2 adds duplicate scrubbing so you can skip or update contacts with the same email or phone. Watch this video to learn more.

Two inbound updates

💫 Dynamic dispositions - For more accurate dispositions on inbound calls during active dial sessions, we'll automatically display the disposition buttons used the last time the contact was called - not the buttons from the current session.

🔎 Temporary contact sharing - Agents who receive a callback into a dial session from a contact they no longer own will have temporary view/edit access, so they have proper context to field the call.

Not leveraging our inbound features?

Get Inbound with a PhoneBurner Premium Account.

Done-for-you carrier registration

Want to improve your number reputation? Our team can register numbers you purchase through PhoneBurner with the Free Caller Registry, a highly- effective way to reduce spam/scam flags.

Local Presence Dialing

Want to improve answer rates and inbound call experiences? PhoneBurner's Local Presence feature can dynamically display local numbers in areas where you have business presence.

Looking forward...

We've got plenty of enhancements and updates in the works! Stay tuned for our next update and be sure to follow along on our blog for the latest product updates, sales analysis, and more.

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