What's New In PhoneBurner: April 2023

Rebecca Bender

May 6, 2024

3 min

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It's been an exciting month for product enhancements. We delivered on a highly-requested call recording feature, made progress on inbound call handling, added flexibility to our Salesforce integration, and more. Here are some curated highlights from April.

Pause & Resume Call Recording

To improve security and compliance, a new toggle allows you to pause and resume call recording during a live call, giving you full flexibility over what is recorded.

call recording pause-1

Salesforce: Alternate Setup

An alternate Salesforce integration setup is now available for customers who want to leverage LeadStream to distribute leads and create shared lead pools. Reply to learn how your team can dial from PhoneBurner and have activity automatically posted back to Salesforce.

Improved vPhone Setup

You asked, we listened. Admins can now immediately assign new vPhone numbers to their team, right at the point of purchase.


[BETA] Ready for Call Flows?

Premium customers can configure keypress menus to route incoming calls to the correct person or department (press 1 for Jane, 2 for support). A call flow can be applied to any PhoneBurner number or Number Pool.


More to Come

We're always building new features and improving existing ones to serve you better. More to come in May! Make sure to follow along on our blog for the latest product updates, sales insights, data points, and more.

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