Trust & Safety is a Competitive Advantage

How Trust & Safety drives our clients’ success and defines ours

PhoneBurner has always stood for one thing, above all. Meaningful conversations. It’s right here in our mission statement:

“We help our clients achieve greater prosperity by empowering them to communicate with more people, build rapport, and have more meaningful conversations.”

Our rationale is simple:
Phone calls don’t close deals. Conversations do.

That’s why prioritizing call volume over quality engagements is shortsighted, and why PhoneBurner (in stark contrast to many other dialers):

  • Does not dial 3, 5, 10 numbers at once
  • Does not have an awkward beep or pause at the start of each call
  • Does not drop calls, something the TSR strictly regulates
  • Does not auto dial - a live agent is always on the line
  • Verifies every number used by our platform for ownership, and provides guidance to help maximize live answer rates and support long-term number reputation

Clients still refer to our platform as “lightning fast” yet rave about all of the ways we help maximize lead value by fostering human connection.

It’s a beautiful balance of efficiency and quality - not a choice between the two.

While PhoneBurner’s commitment to quality conversations hasn’t changed since our launch in 2008, telecommunications certainly has…

The evolving compliance landscape

Diagram of compliance pressures for organizations

The communications and compliance landscape is evolving, and rapidly.

DNC. FTC. FCC. TCPA. TSR. A2P. STIR/SHAKEN. There’s a veritable alphabet soup of organizations, standards, and regulations that businesses need to understand and comply with when communicating with their leads and customers.

And for good reason. 

The proliferation of SPAM calls and texts has eroded consumer trust.

Compliance and carrier registration are the path to building it back.

Make it harder for bad actors to participate, keep their messaging off of the network, and honest businesses have a renewed ability to engage their contacts in quality conversations.

PhoneBurner is not only a Trust & Safety leader, we’ve been consistently ahead of the curve in our support of Responsible Communications™, and adherence to best practices that regulators and carriers establish for the benefit of the communications ecosystem.

The best kind of challenge

Consumer talking to sales rep on the phone

Voice remains a preferred communication channel for businesses and consumers alike.

It’s personal.

It’s efficient.

And done right, relationships grow and deals close faster over the phone.

We can all agree that businesses complying with telemarketing regulations and working to renew consumer trust is good for the future of the telephone as a viable sales tool.

Your Trust & Safety ally

Ally in Trust & Safety

Responsibility for compliance rests on you as a business owner.

But with PhoneBurner, you have a partner.

  • Smart tools and simplified processes fully support your ongoing compliance management, and make it faster and easier.
  • Unmatched carrier and agency relationships deliver ongoing benefits that help maximize the reach and deliverability of your communications.
  • A dedicated Trust & Safety team serves as your ally and advocate, helping you navigate the constantly evolving compliance environment while supporting your long-term goals.

Compliance may be a challenge, but PhoneBurner has the team and partnerships to help you turn it into a competitive advantage.

Beyond compliance

Reporting in PhoneBurner

Trust & Safety extends far beyond compliance.

It’s about supporting your company’s number health and reputation.

It’s about leading the industry in platform reliability.

It’s a commitment to ethical and responsible practices that win customers and drive KPIs.

It’s about strong partner relationships that create opportunities for innovation that other vendors can’t offer.

And it’s about data security.

PhoneBurner goes through great lengths in the design of our network infrastructure, data center security, and software coding standards to ensure your data is safe and secure.

We are proudly SOC 2 Type II Certified.

This certification, awarded by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is earned following a rigorous audit, and ensures not only our ability to protect the safety of our customers’ data today but certifies that we have the right standards in place for the future.

Alongside award-winning support and leading-edge product and development, Trust & Safety rounds out a world-class PhoneBurner team that has been delivering enterprise-level service for over 15 years.

Success is never short-sighted

Female business leader looking forward

Trust & Safety is a cornerstone of the PhoneBurner brand, because success is a long-term metric.

You deserve a forward-thinking partner that protects the incredible investment of time and money that goes into building your business and success story.

Yes, your journey with PhoneBurner may begin with additional due diligence.

Yes, we’re stricter about the company we keep and the standards we support.

We’re proud of that.

And our clients are grateful.

We’ve seen a dramatic shift from prospects asking us “Why is PhoneBurner having me jump through this hoop” to “Why isn’t this other company asking me to do this??”

Trust and Safety drives our customers’ success… and we’re excited that it’s defining ours.

Ready to achieve prosperity by maximizing quality conversations? Join us.
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