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CC Capital Group transforms sales process from complex, to simple and scalable; boosts agent output 2-3x

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Key Achievements
  • Call volume increased from 100-120 to 250-300 calls per day, per agent
  • Time-consuming lead distribution processes have been eliminated
  • Dialing process has gone from “no automation whatsoever” to completely streamlined
  • CC Capital Group’s complex, multi-campaign operation is organized and easy to manage

CC Capital Group is a California-based Virtual Workforce company. They outsource highly-skilled workers from across the globe to SMB clients spanning 40+ industries. Clients are matched with cost-effective, dedicated virtual agents who perform a variety of sales, service, and backend office work - all without W2s, 1099s, and HR headaches.

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“It is a night and day difference. This kind of functionality was not available in any other software.”

iralkumar Shekhalia (Kumar)

Viralkumar Shekhalia (Kumar)

VP of Operations & HR

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Challenges and Objectives

Like most companies making a high-volume of phone calls every day, CC Capital Group’s productivity was being handicapped by tedious sales tasks like manual dialing, leaving voicemails, logging calls, and distributing leads.

Unlike other companies, however, CC Capital Group coordinates outbound campaigns for dozens of clients. Each client has a distinct sales process, requires unique account settings, and has different agents (sometimes from different countries) assigned to them.

Kumar - VP of Operations & HR - was tasked with finding a solution to effectively manage his complex organization of remote agents, and to maximize productivity across their campaigns. Doing so would enable him to deliver next-level results to his already delighted clients.

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The Solution

Kumar tested several dialing platforms. PhoneBurner was the only one that delivered significant productivity wins, as well the ability to manage his complex setup.

“Our account is custom designed. Under my admin account is my quality control account, followed by a separate account for each client, followed by the reps assigned to that account. This kind of functionality was not available in any other software.” CC Capital Group also relies on the ability to customize the dialer for different use cases. One of Kumar's clients, for example, required 7 different voicemail buttons within a single dial session. PhoneBurner was configured to streamline voicemails, call logging and follow-ups for every one of his campaigns, and to automate the once manual process of distributing leads to his agents.

All of this custom setup was free, as part of PhoneBurner's one-on-one onboarding service.

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The Results

We’re making 250 to 300 calls per day, per agent

Soon after launching with a test group of 5 agents, Kumar brought on his entire team. Despite having agents in Mexico, Honduras, Philippines, India and other countries, the simplicity of PhoneBurner’s cloud-based system made it easy to adopt and scale. Agents are fresher, 2 to 3 times more efficient, and more effective. “It’s a night and day difference,” explains Kumar.

Management has realized significant time-savings as well. Campaigns are finally unified in one centralized account, while remaining distinct from an admin and reporting standpoint. Kumar no longer has to divide leads into Google sheets for each agent. Using customized “Leadstreams,” imported leads are automatically distributed to the right agents. Within a few clicks of logging in, agents are dialing their daily lead list.

With his outbound process overhauled for efficiency, Kumar’s clients get better results and more value than ever before. He’s thrilled to have PhoneBurner’s “hands-on” team to support him as he grows. “Have a demo call with Jeff,” exclaims Kumar, “The reason I work with PhoneBurner is because of the customer service.”


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