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From door knocking to dialing: Odin Energy finds new way to power home efficiency and solar sales during Covid-19 - and beyond

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Key Achievements
  • Created an inside sales process from scratch in a matter of weeks
  • Successfully tracked and managed the team, remotely
  • Generated over $500k in sales in one week in Phoenix
  • Unlocked new revenue stream that will power future growth

Odin Energy is a residential solar and energy efficiency company with offices in Nevada and Arizona. Their customer-centric ″reduce before you produce″ model pairs innovative energy-saving solutions with expert solar installations. In addition to nearly $100 million in savings, clients enjoy increased home efficiency and comfort, while reducing their carbon footprint.

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“This isn’t just to survive Covid. I really believe in this. We’ve seen great success.”

Trevor Gosar

Trevor Gosar

Director of sales

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Challenges and Objectives

In a challenging industry known for ever-changing laws, trends and technologies (a.k.a. The Solar Coaster) Odin Energy was a model of growth and success. But with a 99% door-to-door workforce, Director of Sales Trevor Gosar knew that rounding out his sales machine with phone-based reps would be a smart, long-term move. When Covid-19 hit, creating an inside sales team went from upcoming priority to immediate need.

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The Solution

Diving head-first into lead-gen, Gosar wanted a dialer that would foster efficiency without sacrificing the company’s trademark personalized service. “I’m not a fan of the auto-dialer style. I don’t want that lag when a lead answers the phone.” With its delay-free connections, PhoneBurner was a perfect fit.

Gosar set up LeadStreams to automate lead distribution, allowing his remote team to log in and immediately start dialing. Real-time leaderboards delivered much-needed oversight to management, while providing motivation and gamification to his reps. Gosar also utilized call recordings for coaching and to continually improve his team’s outbound process.

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The Results

We’re trying to master cold calling. We’ve had great success.

For a team that’s brand new to cold calling, Gosar’s results are impressive. He ramped up his remote team quickly, and built out a personal, yet efficient process that’s generating real results. “We did about half a million in sales last week just in Phoenix,” he shared.

Gosar is excited to scale his inside sales channel even after door-to-door sales resume. “We can plug a new agent into PhoneBurner and get them dialing without a headache.” What began as a pandemic lifeline, is a bright spot of opportunity for Odin Energy’s future. “I really believe in this.”


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