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Red Spiral Investing goes from slow start to shattering expectations in real estate wholesaling

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Key Achievements
  • Built a multi-pronged outreach process his reps love
  • Achieved 3x increase in call volume over previous dialer solution
  • Properties in contract achieved a new high

Red Spiral Investing is a real estate firm founded in 2019 that specializes in an investment strategy known as wholesaling. Headquartered in Phoenix, but eyeing expansion into Houston, the company is continually looking for sellers with available properties, as well as buyers to acquire those properties.

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“Sometimes I forget that you guys are a separate company. I’m not even joking. It’s just a perfect integration.”

JT Smith III

JT Smith III

Sales manager

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Challenges and Objectives

“It’s a numbers game,” is a phrase that often comes to mind in real estate wholesaling. The more calls Red Spiral can make, the more good opportunities they can uncover. Unfortunately for Co-Founder JT Smith III, his team was struggling - buckling under the strain of multiple lead sources, with questions about who to call and how to efficiently organize their outreach.

Having tried dialing both manually and with the CallTools dialer, his team of reps maxed out at about 7,000 calls per month. Unless he could streamline their processes and get their numbers up, JT worried he could end up “in the red and out of business.”

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The Solution

“How do you make your team’s job as easy as possible?” pondered JT. The ability to easily configure PhoneBurner for different reps, call campaigns and lead sources proved to be his answer.

“PhoneBurner, I keep saying it, just fit so well with pretty much every part of our business.” JT set up his system so leads automatically flowed to the right accounts. Buttons were configured so reps could leave voicemails, disposition calls, and instantly move contacts to specific folders for follow-up or closing. He leveraged SMS to boost exposure and increase callbacks, which automatically routed back to the right rep.

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The Results

I told my team to go for 10,000 calls a month. They pretty much shattered it.

Red Spiral’s results changed almost overnight. Calls. Callbacks. Contracts. All of them surged, with the firm soon realizing its first month with 3 inked deals. Having maxed out at 7,000 calls per month with his prior system, Smith’s team of reps were eying 20,000 calls per month, far beyond what he thought possible.

Once frustrated and plagued by questions, his reps are happier too. “I literally haven’t had an issue since I started,” JT shared. “They never have questions because it’s all right there. They go, they knock it out.”


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