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IT firm increases call volume 40% and boosts rep satisfaction by switching from XANT to PhoneBurner

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Key Achievements
  • Replaced a core component of their tech stack after 7 years usage.
  • Leveraged PhoneBurner’s Salesforce integration to facilitate adoption and enhance efficiency.
  • Realized 40% growth in call volume compared to previous dialing solution. is a Chicago-based firm that provides strategic IT support services to SMBs. With over a decade of experience, XL employs a unique approach that puts business goals at the forefront of every solution. Rather than simply tackle IT tasks, their knowledgeable team helps businesses seamlessly leverage technology to grow faster.

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“Not only is PhoneBurner a great replacement, it’s significantly better.”

Adam Radulovic

Adam Radulovic


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Challenges and Objectives

For over 7 years, used XANT (formerly Inside Sales) for sales prospecting. XANT’s phasing out of their dialer product prompted founder Adam Radulovic to look for another solution. His two requirements were integration with Salesforce, and the ability to power dial through lists of contacts.

“It was overwhelming,” explained Radulovic. Despite a crowded marketplace, few options offered the level of efficiency he needed. Concerned about disrupting his team’s process, he thoroughly vetted over a dozen solutions for product fit and overall experience.

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The Solution

PhoneBurner proved to be a “seamless replacement” for XANT. Unlike other solutions, a “tight integration with Salesforce” eliminated the need for multiple platforms, allowing reps to dial directly from the Salesforce environment. Features like 1-click voicemails and automatic call outcome and activity logging eliminate distractions, and keep reps laser-focused on quality conversations.

Call recording and reports made it easy for management to keep the team closely monitored and on target throughout the transition.

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The Results

PhoneBurner is just lightning fast

What began as a daunting challenge to replace a 7-year mainstay in their tech stack, proved to be a blessing in disguise. “Not only is PhoneBurner a great replacement, it’s significantly better from both a product and service standpoint.” Radulovic was quick to credit PhoneBurner’s team for making the transition easy and painless. “You deliver a unique level of support in this market… and from 100% of the people we’ve communicated with.”

XL’s team is thrilled with the usability and speed of the software, which is driving a 40% increase in daily calls and connections. “They look similar on the surface, but PhoneBurner shaves seconds off calls in several places that really add up throughout the day.” With opportunities to add SMS and email automation to his process, those gains are likely to keep growing.


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