Your Guide to Live Voicemail

Let’s get you iOS 17 ready

Live Voicemail is a game-changer for outreach. With PhoneBurner, you’re perfectly positioned to capitalize. Here’s everything you need to know.

A quick crash course

iPhone screens showing how live voicemail looks

What is Live Voicemail?

iPhone provides users with a real-time voicemail transcription and the ability to accept your call.

What does it mean?

Contacts are more empowered to screen calls for context. Voicemail is no longer the end of the line, it can be a second chance for a live engagement.

When does it go live?

It's live! iOS 17 officially launched on September 18, 2023. The Live Voicemail feature is enabled by default.

Wait, I have more questions.

We've got you covered. Read our full list of FAQs.
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The Live Voicemail experience

How to turn live voicemails into live conversations
iPhone expanded call
Call Placed:
Agent’s Caller ID displays on the iOS 17 device
Agent calling contact and reaching voicemail
If Live Voicemail Reached:
Agent can provide a personalized message
iPhone Live Voicemail
Real-Time Transcription:
Message is transcribed live, and contact can accept the call
Agent connecting with contact on a live call
If Call is Accepted:
The parties are connected in a live conversation

Prepare your strategy

How to succeed with iOS 17, and beyond
Live Voicemail has 3 key areas of impact for outreach professionals. Here’s how to prepare for each, so you can connect with more contacts and close more deals.
Voicemail dispositions

Your voicemail strategy

This is your most pressing to-do. Live Voicemail brings a new dimension, different scenarios, and new opportunities to call outreach. Once a sign that you didn’t reach your intended target, voicemail is now a second chance to engage your contact live. Compared to traditional voicemail, different goals and different scripts apply. We’ll help you prepare for all of it.

Resource: Live Voicemail Scripts & Best Practices
Resource: Live Voicemail Scenarios
Agent calling leads

Your lead strategy

Lead quality is more important than ever. In today’s telecommunications environment, low quality leads contribute to lower answer rates, and a higher risk of compliance issues, spam flags, and number blocks. Live Voicemail will only magnify this.

Review your lead sources and campaign processes with an eye toward quality. Think: more meetings, from fewer calls. Our most successful clients are achieving this with better-targeted lists and smarter processes that maximize revenue-per-lead.

Resource: Lead Strategy Best Practices
PhoneBurner sales outreach product

Your technology

With PhoneBurner, you’re all set. 1-to1 outreach outperforms spray & pray technology. Live Voicemail swings the pendulum even further. As more contacts screen (and block) calls, the path to live answers and quality conversations is thoughtful, personalized outreach.

PhoneBurner gives you the most efficient and scalable 1-to-1 platform on the market. Every conversation starts naturally. You’re in an ideal position to earn live conversations when you reach Live Voicemail. And you can leverage 1-click voicemail, email and SMS when you don’t.
The PhoneBurner support team ready to help

More to come!

Additional Live Voicemail resources and exciting new features are coming your way. As your partner in efficient, scalable 1-to-1 communications, we're here to help you increase live engagements and maximize the value of your leads. Have questions? Reach out.
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