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Coach and collaborate in real-time. Make selling more effective and fun - with PhoneBurner + CallBlitz.

CallBlitz salesfloor platform integration with PhoneBurner
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Simple Chrome extension

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Dynamic live coaching

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Loved by reps & leaders

Turn selling into a team sport

Turn selling into a team sport

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Work remotely, sell together

Elevate your PhoneBurner dial sessions with added Salesfloor capabilities. The CallBlitz experience is completely seamless, with no disruption and no change to how your reps dial. Automatic audio controls make simultaneous dialing a breeze.

Coach effectively

Coaching sales team with Callblitz

Coach effectively

Capitalize on 1-to-1 and 1-to-many coachable moments. Whisper or text with reps engaged in a call. Collaborate live with everyone else. Celebrate together, and use breakout rooms to step away from the action. You can even store & tag sessions and build a library of best practices.

Energize your team

Autolog calls and streamline workflows

Energize your team

Teams that sell together, excel together. With GIFs, virtual high-fives, and competition-inspiring leaderboards, CallBlitz makes calling more enjoyable and more effective. Create the kind of coaching culture that inspires reps to grow into superstars.

Get set up quickly

CallBlitz Chrome Extension

Get set up quickly

With a short learning curve and hassle-free integration via Chrome extension, adding a Salesfloor to your training arsenal is easy. See why PhoneBurner + CallBlitz is loved by leaders and reps alike.

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“Gives sales reps the proximity they need to put their training into action and be the best they can be on the phone.”

Greg Woodward | Woodward Strategies

Virtual salesfloor features

Group Rooms

Reps can dial simultaneously or shadow calls for targeted training.

Breakout rooms

Pull individual reps aside for more targeted training.

Training library

Save and tag recordings to build an arsenal of best-practice training.

Auto audio controls

No manual muting/unmuting. It's all automated by CallBlitz.


Make selling fun. Bring the levity. Bring the hype. Drop the mic. Boom!

Live Leaderboard

Motive, inspire, and foster friendly competition that moves the needle.


Speak to your in-call reps, without their contacts hearing.

Seamless Dialing

Use CallBlitz with no impact to the PhoneBurner dialing experience.

Chrome Extension

No dev needed. Reps join the action with just their browser.

Integration requirements

Grow pipeline with the most efficient collaborative dialing experience

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