7 Great Sales Movies for Sales Pros

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Wolf of Wall Street

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Boiler Room

Love and Other Drugs

Jerry Maguire

Thank You for Smoking

Pursuit of Happyness

Need to take a break and unwind after a long day of pushing for sales?

You could queue up the next comedy flick on your list, or binge-watch your favorite series. And sure, that’d be fun…

But, what if you could combine your need for entertainment and hone your sales craft at the same time?

Sounds good, right?

Fortunately, there are a lot of great of options.

Here are 7 of the best sales movies, and what they can do for your sales game.

Wolf of Wall Street

This movie documents Jordan Belfort’s journey of taking Wall Street by storm. His aggressive telephone sales approach would make even the greatest telemarketers blush.

Aside from the cold calling techniques on display, you also get great tidbits like when Jordan challenges someone to “sell me this pen”…

His associate takes the pen and promptly says, “Do me a favor: write your name down on that napkin for me.” To which Jordan replies, “I don’t have a pen.”

His associate responds, “Exactly. Supply and demand my friend.”

Bonus: Here's what the real life Jordan Belfort says the correct answer is.

Glengarry Glen Ross

There’s more to this movie than Alec Baldwin’s famous “Always Be Closing” speech.

There’s a lot to be learned from the actual selling by the other characters.

For one, the importance of building a relationship and trust with your prospects. This is often overlooked in sales – but building relationships with prospects plays a huge role in your success.

Boiler Room

Filled with hard sells and some dodgy tactics, this movie exposes a darker side of sales.

But still, there is much to be learned.

Look no further than Ben Affleck’s cameo where he intricately “sells” the wannabe stockbrokers on the lavish lifestyle they have a chance to attain. And they buy into it hard.

Love and Other Drugs

This movie gives you an inside look at the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the charismatic salesman who charms his way past nurses, bribes doctors, and makes a LOT of sales – to the point where he becomes Pfizer’s number 1 salesman.

You’ll learn valuable lessons in building charisma and confidence.

Charisma is important in sales, but it’s worth nothing that it’s also a skill you can develop.

How? It starts by building the right habits, like consistently getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself into new social situations. There are plenty of opportunities to do this in your daily life (make conversation with cashiers, baristas, etc.) and flex your social muscles.

Jerry Maguire

This is another movie that stresses the importance of relationships in sales.

Jerry, played by Tom Cruise, gets canned from his job as a sports agent at an agency, so he decides to go independent.

He achieves success, primarily because of his passion and his ability to sell his clients on a relationship with him.

When your clients know, like, and trust you, it’s much easier for them to "show you the money" and to stick with you for a long time.

Thank You for Smoking

Could you sell anything to anyone? Nick Taylor tries just that in this satirical film that lobbies for the tobacco industry.

Nick expertly spins arguments to defend the tobacco industry – an argument that, as you may guess, is not very easy to spin.

In doing so, he teaches you the art of persuasion, against all odds.

Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith plays a down-and-out salesman who persists through failure and turmoil to make it on Wall Street as a stockbroker.

The whole movie is a lesson on persistence, both in sales and in life. It’s never too late to make a sale and it’s never too late to beat the odds…

Success can be right around the corner.

The great thing about sales movies is that they can give you a different perspective, as well as teach (or reinforce) both good, and bad techniques.

So, queue up one of these great films the next time you want to unwind, and improve your skills in the process!

What are your favorite movies about sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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