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The PhoneBurner API (Application Program Interface) makes it easy for you to integrate your software with PhoneBurner. Our API utilizes the industry standard OAuth process for secure authentication, and the REST API standard to for easy integration setup.

Here are a few examples of how you can use and benefit from this API:

  1. Integrate your CRM with PB.  Owners of CRMs can put the Phoneburner dialer right into their backoffice, allowing users to initiate dial-sessions directly from their CRM. The contact’s details are displayed in the dialer window, and after each call we hit an API on your side to update them with the status of the call.
  2. Access your contacts.  For individual users, you can query, insert, and post leads to your account automatically. For example, you can pass webinar registrants directly into PhoneBurner, so you can call your attendee list. Or if you’re running lead-gen forms, you could post that data directly into your account.
  3. Access your session history.  View all your past session history - in summary form - all the way down to specific calls.
  4. White label account management.  White label partners can create, cancel and view member records.  This is perfect for anyone who wants to manage the full dialer relationship, without users ever having to sign up or access an account via PhoneBurner.  Users won't even need to use the oAuth flow to authenticate the app.

Developer? Learn more by accessing our PhoneBurner API Docmentation.

For developers and non-developers with interest and/or questions about integrating with us, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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