Custom Dialer Buttons for Better Prospect Management

Jeff Osness

April 9, 2024

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One of PhoneBurner's most powerful features is the ability to create custom dialer buttons or disposition sets.

Custom Dialer Buttons are an excellent way to automate your workflow from the first call to the last call. These buttons can control:

  • disposition - the disposition/status assigned to the contact (ie. not interested)
  • note - an automatic note added to the contact (you can add to / edit this)
  • follow up message - what custom email to send them, or none
  • move to - select a folder in your contact manager to move them to
  • next action - dial the next number, the next contact, or ask you
  • do not call - add them to your do not call list, or not
  • delete contact - remove completely from your contact manager

In short, customizing your buttons can drastically improve your follow-up, organization and prospect management, and dialing and sales efficiency.

In this article, we're going to show you some great examples of how you can customize these buttons to improve your workflow. But first, let's distinguish between the two sets of buttons in your dialer...


Dialer Set vs Disposition Set

  • Dialer Set - The set of buttons you see before a live answer takes place.
  • Disposition Set - The set of buttons you see when a live answer takes place.

Below are the default button sets. You can add and edit buttons, define the actions taken when each is pressed, and create custom disposition sets to handle all kinds of prospecting scenarios.

Dialer Button Sets


Usage Examples

1. Insurance Agent

Let's say you sell insurance. You're calling existing clients with homeowner policies in an effort to sell them auto insurance. Here are some examples of custom dialer buttons you might want to create.

Auto Interested - Your auto insurance rates are lower and they're interested in switching. When the button is clicked, the prospect gets moved into the "Auto Interested" subfolder within the "Home Client" folder. The "Auto Interested" email gets sent telling them you're glad you can save them money and will fax them the forms they need to sign. They're tagged with the status "Auto Interested" so that you can search for these prospects and ensure timely signature receipt.

Rate Not Lower - When you provided your best rate over the phone, you weren't lower for auto insurance. When this button is clicked, the prospect gets moved to the "Auto not Lower" subfolder with your "Home Client" folder. No email gets sent. You add a note to their file, and can call them again in 12 months to try again.


2. Software Sales

Let's say you sell payroll software. You're calling small businesses trying to set up a demo of your platform. Here are some examples of custom dialer buttons you might want to create.

Demo Scheduled - Great! You successfully set up a demo. When this button is clicked, the prospect gets moved to your "Demo" folder. An email is automatically sent with a link to your scheduling app that allows them to pick a time that works for them.

Send Video - The prospect isn't ready for a demo. But they agreed you could send them a video about your software. When you click this button, the prospect is moved from to your "Video Sent" folder. An email is automatically sent with a link to your website where the video is hosted.

3. Loan Modification

Let's say you help people consolidate their student loans. You're calling leads who filled out an online form to confirm their debt amount, perhaps access their loan info, provide a quote, and then approve them. Here are some custom buttons you might create:

Debt amount confirmed – You confirmed the prospects debt amount but were not yet able to access their loan information. When you press this button, you add a note to the CM that the only the debt amount was confirmed, you set their status to “debt amount confirmed” and move them to the "Debt Amount" folder, and an email is sent thanking them for their time, and requesting a connection at a later time to move the process further.

Accessed loan info - You were successful in confirming their debt amount and were able to access their loan info as well. When this button is pressed, a note is added stating that debt amount was confirmed and loan info accessed, status was set to “Accessed loan info” and prospect is moved to the "Accessed Loan" folder, and an email is sent to request a connection to move the process further.

Gave Quote - You provided your lead with a quote. When you press this button, their disposition is set to "Quoted" and they are moved to the "Quoted" folder. Using a custom field, the sent email includes the exact quote you provided as a reminder, as well as an invitation to move forward when they are ready.

Client approved - Almost there! When you press this button, you automatically add a note stating the client approved, set their status to “Approved” and move them to the "Approved" folder. No automated email is sent because you will be sending custom documents outside of the session.


How to Customize Your Buttons



Custom dialer buttons have a tremendous impact on your efficiency, and can help you manage virtually any sales situation. No matter what industry you're in, you can customize your buttons to suit your needs and sales pipeline.

Have a question about setting up your buttons? Have a tip that can benefit other sales professionals? Leave us a comment below!


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