How to Leave Irresistible Sales Call Voicemails

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Inside this article:

1. Clarify Your Goal Beforehand

2. Pique Their Curiosity

3. Establish a Connection

4. Keep it Short

5. Be Enthusiastic


There’s a dangerous myth going around the sales world right now.

If you’re in the business of making cold calls (and almost everyone is at one point or another), you’ve probably heard it before.

The myth goes something like: “The voicemail box is a black hole of diminishing returns.”

And sales reps often believe it.

Unfortunately, getting discouraged often means missing out on a great opportunity. Because, in reality, a good sales call or cold call voicemail can be very powerful, and very profitable.

With the right strategy, you can drive a high percentage of responses, and open the door for more business to come your way.

In this article, we’ll lay out the steps to craft an irresistible voicemails script that will leave your prospects clawing at the phone to call you back.

1. Clarify Your Goal Beforehand

You should have just one, simple goal when leaving a voicemail.

Before you make the call – and before writing your voicemail script – this goal should be crystal clear in your mind.

The goal of your voicemail is to get a call back.

…not to set an appointment; not to sell your product or service; not to convey information.

Just a call back. Because when that call comes, that’s when you can advance things to an appointment, sale, etc.

If you try to accomplish too much with your voicemail, not only will it be too long, but you’ll give your prospects plenty of reasons to rationalize not returning your call.

2. Pique Their Curiosity

Focus on getting your prospect’s attention and earning their interest. Because few things incite action like curiosity.

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Think about how you can evoke that response with your voicemail.

A great way to accomplish this is to craft a compelling value statement about how you’ve been able to help someone like them – or a business like theirs. The more specific you are (using their location, their type of business, their demographic, etc.) the more compelling this value statement will be.

It’s all about selling the next step, not selling your solutions. Tell them “what” you’ve done, and get them curious about the “how.”

3. Establish a Connection

Without a connection, you’re just a sales person. But with a connection, you’re someone in a position to help. Do everything you can to establish some kind of connection with your prospects.

There are a number of ways you can do this.

Obviously, if you can call on a mutual contact, friend, associate, or coworker that you’ve dealt with, that’s a tough connection to beat. Naturally, that’s not always an option. Another is to reference a company they know or respect (that you’ve worked with, or helped). Sometimes, your niche focus on their demographic, or even your physical location, can be enough.

Think about how you can establish a connection with your prospects and fit that in to your voice message.

4. Keep it Short

Anything over 15-20 seconds, and it sounds like you’re selling something.

You never want to sound like you’re selling.

You do want to sound like you have the result their after. Do that compellingly, and they’ll be eager to know how. That’s what makes them call you back.

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What do you need to cover in this short time?

  • Your name
  • Your company
  • The value statement (from step 2)
  • A call back request
  • Your number

5. Be Enthusiastic

Be the kind of person someone wants to call back.

Put some life behind your sales call voicemail script.

When you’re excited about your business and the results you offer… when you sound friendly and approachable… it signals that something must be going right. That gives them a reason to return your call.

Know your script well, and practice it—that way, it won’t sound like you’re reading off a paper.


A good sales call voicemail script is gold. Treat it as such and you’re bound to improve your results.

By following these steps, you’ll have an edge that will increase curiosity, callbacks, and ultimately sales!

Do you have a great voicemail strategy? Or do you struggle to get call-backs from your prospects? Tweet us or comment below and let us know!

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