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11 Sales Cartoons That Make Us Laugh

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

funny sales cartoons

Sales can be a tough game. You need persistence, resilience, and an ability to learn from rejection to succeed.

So, sometimes it’s good to add a little comic relief to the mix. We don’t need to take it all so seriously all the time. Otherwise, we’d go crazy!

One of the things we like to do for a good laugh is to browse through sales cartoons. They’re funny, and relatable, and can even remind us that our struggles are felt by all.

So here they are… 7 sales cartoons that make us laugh:


“Something Magical”

When you wish you could bypass all the hard work and just get the awesome results. It’s nice to hope for some magic… just don’t rely on it.

The Quota Quandary

Sales quotas aren’t life or death, even if they may feel that way at times. We all have our ups and downs.

Stick to the Script!

If only it worked that way…

Superstar for the Sales Team

In our recent blog post about how to hire rock stars for your sales team, apparently we forgot to include “dresses like a magician.”

This is How We Do It

Keep your eye on the goal, but have a plan to get there.

Flip Your Perspective

Maybe flipping the sales strategy is a better idea.

A Sale Is a Sale?

It’s nice to get a deal inked. But only when it benefits both parties. Don’t get… um, fleeced.

Successful Sales Teams

Competition within a sales team can be great for motivation, but not if it’s antagonistic. Encourage positivity.

Frustration Management

Try to keep no’s in perspective. They’re a part of sales.

Imperfect Performance Monitoring

We prefer analytics.

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