What's New In PhoneBurner: December 2022

Jesse Wisnewski

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New Update 1: Edit Your Notes

New Update 2: Disable Call Recording on Transfers

PhoneBurner's Best Features of 2022

Closing Out 2022

In 2022, PhoneBurner powered just over 22 million conversations.

We are so grateful - for your business, support, and input, and for our team's dedication to building and supporting a product that connects so many people. Together, we'll do big things in 2023!

But before we close the books on 2022, here's a pair of new updates plus a celebratory look at our best product releases this year.

New Update 1: Edit Your Notes

Need to edit a note? Click the icon next to the entry to make your updates. A small call-out will appear below to indicate a note has been edited. If you don't have this feature already, we're rolling it out to more accounts soon.

New Update 2: Disable Call Recording on Transfers

Record calls in their entirety, or just until a call is transferred. For the latter, select "Yes - stop on transfer" in your dial session recording settings.

PhoneBurner's Best Features of 2022

Your questions, feedback, and ideas chart our path forward, and we sure accomplished a lot together this year. Here's a look at our most popular features and product enhancements from 2022.

📱 Branded Caller ID - Brand your calls on over 400 million devices with one solution. Protect against flags. Lift answer rates and call engagement.

💁 Answer rate reporting - Track and report on call volume and connection rates for all of your PhoneBurner numbers.

🔄 Integration enhancements - Enjoy new features and functionality on our top CRM integrations - Salesforce, HubSpot and Zoho.

🏷️ Add a source to imports - Track and report on the quality of various lead sources by adding a source to your imports.

↪️ Inbound call transfer - Transfer inbound calls and callbacks to any of your transfer agents.

🔗 Webhook updates - From managing unsubscribes to sending contact details to other tools, webhooks got multiple updates in 2022.

📡 Internet quality indicator - Monitor your connection quality during outreach with our new indicator on the dial session window.

🗂️ Improved folder creation - A streamlined folder experience lets you create, pin, share and reorder your new folders all in one place.

🎧 Live call coaching - Improve agent performance and customer experiences in real-time with Listen-in, Whisper and Barge.

📎 Dialer "Activity" tab - Quickly review a contact's recent activity and contact history during a live call.

✴️ Number pools - Group phone numbers to use (and rotate) for specific clients or call campaigns, with shared inbound routing rules.

📓 Streamlined notes experience - Notes are now distinct, time and owner-stamped records that can be edited, deleted, and easily managed.

Closing Out 2022

We've got exciting plans for the year ahead. Get ready for more integrations, more productivity, and more meaningful conversations in 2023!

And, as a little treat, we wanted to share with you a limerick that our team asked OpenAI Chat to write about PhoneBurner. Check it out:

There once was a tool named PhoneBurner.
That made calls and texts much easier.
To dialing with ease.
And never displease.
And made our days so much merrier.

Thank you for being a part of the PhoneBurner family! 

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