What's New in PhoneBurner: October 2021

Jesse Wisnewski


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Inside this article:

Hold option for live calls

Appointment merge codes for SMS

SmartSender merge codes for SMS

More to come

Know one thing I love about PhoneBurner?

The team's unwavering commitment to serving our customers. 

The team is in constant contact with our customers, talking with industry leaders, and working together to build the best dialer software to ensure your outreach is effective and profitable. 

Practically speaking, this means we're gearing up for an exciting Q4. From enhanced speed and reliability to new features and functionality, a lot of exciting updates are on the horizon. 

Here's a look at a couple of highlights shipped in September:

Hold option for live calls

Ever get an important call while you're in the middle of another one? 

Ever need to check on an answer to a prospect's question? 

We know the feeling. 

This is why we’re excited to let you know that our hold feature is out of beta.

This means it’s now available for every customer. 

Best part of all?

You can now easily step away from, and return to, live calls. 

Here’s a look at where you can see this feature in action: 

Appointment merge codes for SMS

Want to use text messages to remind your contacts of upcoming appointments? 

Don’t sweat it—we’ve got you covered.

You can now drop event information like title, description, date and time into your SMS templates via the merge codes dropdown.

Check out this nifty article to learn more about merge codes.

SmartSender merge codes for SMS

SMS templates now support SmartSender links. 

Not familiar with SmartSender?

SmartSender is our proprietary technology that makes it easy for you to track and follow up with your leads, which places you in the best position to close more deals. 

Now, with this highly requested enhancement, you can track clicks and views to websites, videos, documents and other resources sent via text. 

You can now use this highly actionable intel to gauge interest and drive conversions.

Here’s more information on how to leverage the power of SmartSender.

More to come

That’s all for now.

We’re thankful to play a small part in supporting your outreach. 

Stay tuned for new products and updates.

Our team is working on new improvements and features you’re going to love.

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