Voicemail Drop: What It Is and How It Helps You Prospect Better

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What is Ringless Voicemail Drop and How Does It Work?

What is Voicemail Drop?

10 Benefits of PhoneBurner's Voicemail Drop Software

How to Create the Perfect Voicemail Drops

Are Voicemail Drops Legal?

How Much Does The Voicemail Drop Cost?

“If only I could leave voicemails without reciting the same script over and over again…” 

Wait, there is! It's called voicemail drop.

In this post, we’ll explain what voicemail drop is and why this is a must-have feature for every sales or customer service team.

But first, let’s talk about the difference between voicemail drop and ringless voicemail, which voicemail drop is often confused with. We'll explain how to distinguish between the two, and help you identify which service is better for your particular use case.

What is Ringless Voicemail Drop and How Does It Work?

Ringless voicemail drop is a variation of the standard voicemail drop. With ringless voicemail, you can drop a voicemail without ringing a telephone number first. This is achieved by using technology that connects directly to the recipient's voicemail server.

Ringless voicemail allows you to reach a high volume of people without waiting for each recipient (or their voicemail answering service) to pick up.

How Do You Send Ringless Voicemail Drops?

You can send a ringless voicemail by first recording a voicemail, then selecting a list of recipients, and finally choosing a time to deliver the voicemails.

Drawbacks of Ringless Voicemail

Despite the ease, there are some significant drawbacks to ringless voicemail.

Firstly, for recipients, receiving a ringless voicemail is often concerning. While the technology may be convenient for you, it can feel intrusive for your recipient. They'll have a voicemail without any sign of an actual call including no "missed call" notification. As such, there can be a level of distrust against those who use them.

Woman frustrated by ringless voicemail drop

Another drawback to ringless voicemails (especially compared to standard voicemail drops, which we will discuss in a minute), is that there is no opportunity to speak with the contact. So for organizations that value conversations and live interactions, ringless voicemail is not ideal.

Finally, ringless voicemails can be risky. While some have argued that technically no actual telephone call has taken place, several legal cases have found that ringless voicemails are considered calls under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). Therefore they are often subject to the same restrictions compliance standards as other calls and recording technology. Furthermore, petitions to ban them, as well as an outright ban in Florida, contribute to ongoing scrutiny over this often ill-reputed practice.

How Do I Leave a Mass Voicemail?

If your entire goal is to simply leave voicemails in voicemail inboxes, then a ringless voicemail system may be right for you.

However, if your primary goal is to have a live interaction with contacts, but you wish to leave voicemails for those who don't answer (without having to repeat yourself over and over), then there is fantastic alternative to ringless voicemail and mass voicemail.

PhoneBurner's voicemail drop is the solution. Our software allows agents to leave pre-recorded voicemails - without having to listen to greetings or wait for the beep - while still having every opportunity to have high-value live conversations when prospects answer.

What is Voicemail Drop?

Voicemail drop is a software or dialer feature that allows reps to “drop” pre-recorded voicemail messages into a contact's voicemail with a click. It works on both mobile phones and landlines. 

How Do You Send a Voicemail Drop?

It's estimated that over 7 in 10 calls reach a voicemail box. When this happens, instead of recording a new message on the spot, the rep can click a pre-configured button in the dialer window that will the leave the voicemail.

Traditional voicemail drop software

Here's the kicker - the rep doesn't need to stick around to hear the entire greeting, or wait for the beep. PhoneBurner hangs on the line to leave the voicemail, while already dialing the next contact.

Multiple voicemail buttons can be created (an English voicemail and a Spanish voicemail, for example) so the rep can choose the correct one. Additionally, the same click that is configured to leave the voicemail can also send an email, log the call, add a note or tag to the contact and much more.

This is a seamless system that boosts productivity among customer service and sales teams. Reps get to live conversations faster, without having to forego time-consuming voicemail workflows.

10 Benefits of PhoneBurner's Voicemail Drop Software

If you’re excited about the idea of using a traditional voicemail drop software in your sales calls, look no further than PhoneBurner. In addition to our power dialer and CRM, PhoneBurner offers you the ability to drop voicemails. There’s no need to purchase it separately. Everything is built into our system, which makes PhoneBurner the smart, convenient, and affordable choice for outbound calling campaigns.

Here are 10 reasons why PhoneBurner’s voicemail drop software is a great choice:

1. Dramatic Time Savings

When you use PhoneBurner’s voicemail drop software, you’ll save an incredible amount of time every single day. 

Think about it. 

Seven out of every 10 phone calls end in voicemail. But the average unanswered phone call lasts 45 seconds. That’s the time your reps linger on the line waiting for the voicemail service to pick up. And that doesn’t even account for the time it takes to record a personalized voice message (which is around 30 seconds). If your reps are taking a minimum of one minute and 15 seconds on each unanswered call, that adds up. Especially when you consider that the average rep may leave over 100 voicemails every day. That’s hours of wasted time each week.

Now consider the fact that the same click that drops your voicemail can also send an email, log the call, add a note or tag, move the contact to another folder, and more. In other words, the time savings are dramatic.

call activity stats

Take back those wasted hours by using PhoneBurner’s voicemail drop software. You’ll reclaim over an hour each day per rep, while continuing to engage in follow-up best practices. That’s huge.

You'll make more calls, have more conversations, and have more opportunities and closed deals to show for it.

2. Increases Callbacks

A lot of reps forego leaving voicemails and sending emails when they reach voicemails because of how long it takes. Voicemail drop software gives you the benefit of the voicemail without the time investment. The result is more callbacks (and when paired with an email, more replies).

Leaving voicemails also increases the chances that a contact will answer the line the next time you call.

3. Reduces Monotony

Leaving the same voicemail over and over again is boring at best and agonizing at worst. With a voicemail drop system, your rep records one message and can share it hundreds or thousands of times. This is one of the biggest benefits that PhoneBurner users enjoy, as it not only saves a lot of ENERGY & aggravation - but also helps reps always feel 'fresh' and ‘rejuvenated’ when they finally do get a live call!

4. Automates Your Workflow

PhoneBurner’s voicemail drop is a one-click solution. Your rep literally clicks one button and PhoneBurner jumps into action, leaving a voicemail and calling the next recipient simultaneously. Work with technology to make your tasks easier.

5. Improves Quality of Your Voicemails

Because your rep can record the message once and send it over and over, they’ll always sound friendly, refreshed, and approachable. However, if they’re made to deliver the same message dozens of times each hour, they’re bound to sound tired.

Take the time to optimize your voicemail script, then leave your winning message again and again with ease.

6. Integrates With Your CRM

If you already have PhoneBurner, you have access to voicemail drop innately. But don’t worry. If you use another CRM, you can still use our voicemail drop system. Learn more here.

7. Create a Library of Pre-Recorded Messages

PhoneBurner allows you to create an entire library of pre-recorded messages to use for different call campaigns, or even different calls (call 1 vs. call 2) within the same call campaign. You can save unlimited voicemail messages. Your reps can then select the right message to drop from your library. Reps also have the option to select voicemails that are not from them - for example, a message from your CEO could be left as a voicemail. If the prospect answered in person, they would talk to the rep, but if they let it go to voicemail, it would seem like the CEO left them a message.

8. No Waiting for the Beep

Unlike other voicemail drop software which requires reps to wait for and listen to the contact's greeting, and then wait for the beep, PhoneBurner does not. The agent can click the "Leave Voicemail" button as soon as they know they've reached voicemail. PhoneBurner hangs on the line to detect the beep and drop the voicemail, but immediately starts dialing the next contact while it waits. This results in significant time savings.

9. Can Be Customized

PhoneBurner allows you to have multiple voicemail buttons. Therefore different messages can be used to target different language speakers, or different situations (first call vs. followup call) within the same call list.

10. Works in the Cloud

When you use PhoneBurner’s voicemail drop feature, there’s nothing to install. You won’t need to purchase expensive hardware either. Our voicemail drop software simply works. Because it’s located in the cloud, you access voicemail drop on your computer through your internet connection, and make calls using any phone.

How to Create the Perfect Voicemail Drops

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is perfect-voicemail-drop.png

Here are tips to compose an effective voicemail that will inspire your recipient to call back.

Create Multiple Voicemail Messages

Record a voicemail for each customer/ prospective customer segment, as well as for initial calls and follow-up calls.

Personalize as Much as Possible

Tailor your message for your recipient. Touch on a pain point that makes the customer feel like you're talking directly to them. Your recipient is more likely to respond favorably to a highly relevant message.

Keep it Short and Sweet

The best performing voicemails are between 20 to 30 seconds.

Introduce Yourself

Always start your call by explaining who you are and why you’re contacting them. Name drop referrals, if applicable.

End With a Callback Request

Get specific with what you want the recipient to do next. In most causes, you want a call back. But don’t just leave that request up in the air. Tell them why, and give them a specific day or even time to call you back.

Pair the Voicemail with an Email

With PhoneBurner you can even go a step further and "Pair it with an email" - the same click that drops your voicemail can also send an email. This is a great technique for increasing callbacks that takes no additional time. Your email can reference the voicemail (and vice versa) for a powerful 1-2 combo that drastically increases the exposure of your marketing message.

Are Voicemail Drops Legal?

Yes! With PhoneBurner the rep initiates the voicemail with a click. It's no different than leaving a voicemail manually (the same cannot be said for robo-calling in which software automates the playing of a recorded message).

However, it’s important to be mindful of the Do Not Call list. The National Do Not Call Registry is a database of people you aren’t allowed to call as a telemarketer or business sales rep. Whether you're using ringless voicemail or traditional vpicemail drop, you must honor the Do Not Call list.

PhoneBurner's integration with makes DNC compliance simple.

How Much Does The Voicemail Drop Cost?

Ready to jumpstart your team’s productivity and squeeze more time out of your workday? Start your free trial with PhoneBurner now, and get access to all of our powerful features including voicemail drop. Sign up for free here with no credit card required.

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