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Business financing startup Capfront sees top-to-bottom improvement in operational efficiency

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Key Achievements
  • Created A-to-Z client ownership process for reps centered around PhoneBurner
  • Efficiency in finding and serving borrowers has soared
  • Leveraged integrations for seamless data management
  • Systematized outreach to deliver the highest level of customer care

Capfront is a small business funding brokerage that offers borrowers customized lending and advisory solutions. Unlike most banks which offer limited or one-size-fits-all loans, Capfront pairs flexible financing options with dedicated relationship management. The result is a simplified, customer-centric process that delivers long-term value to its clients

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“Ultimately, it’s like we each have six hands instead of two.”

Zack Fiddle

Zack Fiddle


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Challenges and Objectives

Zack Fiddle’s challenges with outreach began before starting his own firm, when he worked at other brokerages. There, he witnessed the extreme inefficiencies of manual dialing as well as the challenges in finding the right dialer solution. They were either “too enterprisey,” had “insane contracts” or “they weren't efficient enough.”

Upon launching Capfront, Fiddle sought a dialing solution to fit his needs. He wanted software that was fast, but easy-to-use, able to integrate with other tools, and contract-free

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The Solution

“I did the research,” Fiddle explained, “I really felt comfortable going with PhoneBurner over other companies because I saw so many advantages.”

Integrations with HubSpot, MailChimp, and Google Calendar helped Zack create a slick follow-up system based on custom fields, email opens, clicks, appointments and other triggers. “Organization is really important to me for data collection and for parqueting, prioritizing and running a lean and mean startup.”

Capfront also leveraged 1-click voicemails, a smart folder system, and other workflow automations to make outreach and callback management simple and efficient for its reps. The process all but guaranteed that leads were worked to the fullest, and high potential prospects were engaged and nurtured.

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The Results

PhoneBurner has really helped us find these borrowers, and serve them well.

When asked about the increase in calls, Fiddle replied “I’m sure they have skyrocketed somewhat,” but he pointed to a much broader boost in productivity. “It’s given us more of an opportunity to multitask and be efficient in other areas while we continue to dial - it’s like we each have six hands instead of two.”

In addition to helping Capfront increase client acquisition, PhoneBurner has made it easy to deliver the level of attention and service that sets Capfront apart from other firms.

Reps “own” a contact throughout their entire journey, from prospect to client. With data flowing seamlessly from one system to another, reps always know who to call and when - allowing them to prospect efficiently while simultaneously delivering high-touch service to their clients. “The workflow is really simple and easy.”


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