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Fizber spurs growth with outbound lead development campaign; becomes fastest growing FSBO platform

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Key Achievements
  • Fizber agents now have 80 to 120 live conversations, per day
  • 15 minutes of post-call processing per call virtually eliminated
  • Data and sales teams work seamlessly together with 40% productivity boost
  • Team analytics improves management's analysis of agent successes and struggles

Fizber is an online "For Sale by Owner" platform that help s FSBO's market and sell their home, yielding clients cost savings as well as improved results. Since their inception 2 and half years ago, Fizber has employed full-time and part-time sales agents who engage in outbound sales.

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“We’re seeing some good growth. It’s exciting stuff, and PhoneBurner is a big part of it.”

Melissa Mckeever

Melissa Mckeever

VP of Sales and Customer Relations

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Challenges and Objectives

Sales teams often get burdened with tasks that reduce the number of calls they are able to make.

Fizber's workflow process - which demanded significant coordination between it's data team and sales team - was causing such inefficiencies. Initially, the data team was providing its sales staff with a list of leads each day on a shared document. Dials were being made manually. Voicemails were being left manually. And agents needed to perform 15 minutes of post-call processing - including notes, data reporting, and lead categorization - in order for the data team to perform necessary actions and follow-up.

Management was eager to find a way to streamline the process to facilitate coordination between the teams, and maximize the amount of time sales agents could spend calling customers.

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The Solution

Fizber's data team began uploading leads directly into PhoneBurner so sales agents could have their daily leads queued up and ready to go. The software eliminated the need for agents to dial manually and repeatedly leave the same voicemail.

Management also worked with PhoneBurner to virtually eliminate the sales rep's need to perform post-call processing. By customizing dialer sets, leads are instantly categorized based on the result of the call, and notes are recorded and accessible by the data team. If needed, personalized follow-up emails can be sent to the leads, with one click.

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The Results

80 to 120 live conversations per day, per agent

Fizber's new process allows for a singular focus for its sales team—selling.

"PhoneBurner basically cut out 30-40% of the time/effort that callers invested... which is now devoted entirely to sales, " explains Melissa McKeever. "Because of how easy it is to use, and how streamlined it makes that whole process... full-time callers probably talk to anywhere between 80 and 120 people a day, which is really awesome."

Management has also found great value in PhoneBurner's team reporting tools. Analytics provide a snapshot of what the team is doing, the number of calls and live answers by agent, and more. That has helped management understand and react to swings in agent production.

McKeever estimates that productivity increased at least 40% in the first two months, and as PhoneBurner and Fizber has evolved, that has continuously increased. “The support team is awesome. Phoneburner is definitely a wonderful and integral part of our company.”


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