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Digital presence firm increases call volume from 120 to 550 per day with PhoneBurner; eyes 250% increase in demos

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Key Achievements
  • Improved data quality considerably by simplifying data “cleaning” process
  • Increased outbound calls from 120 to 550 per day
  • Booking 2x more demos per day; expects another 2x post-COVID
  • Sales reps are happier and hitting numbers faster, with less work

Milestone Inc. is a web design and digital presence firm with offices in California, DC, Chicago, and India. With clients like Marriot, VMWare, and True Value, Milestone takes an omnichannel approach to marketing technology, helping brands increase exposure, engagement and results.

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“My reps are like, ‘Man, I wish we had this 6 years ago!’ They love it.”

Joe Morford

Joe Morford

Head of Inside Sales

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Challenges and Objectives

With a foothold in hospitality, Joe Morford was tasked with growing an enterprise client base across other verticals. His SDRs had access to massive amounts of contacts through ZoomInfo, but the high volume of data required constant “cleaning” of outdated records. This process was time-consuming, but necessary for building an increasingly engaged and higher-converting list.

Morford’s focus was productivity; specifically, getting rid of as much low-value work as possible so reps could “avoid burnout,” connect with more good leads, and hit numbers faster. He tried several dialing solutions including FastCall, but couldn’t find a platform “worth its weight in dollars.”

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The Solution

Tired of learning new systems, the SDRs pushed back hard. But Morford forged ahead, encouraged by PhoneBurner’s ease of customization. He integrated PhoneBurner into Salesforce, allowing his reps to dial without leaving their CRM, and making performance metrics instantly accessible for his review.

With PhoneBurner’s integrated Google search, reps were able to “clean” contact records during dial sessions, removing a time-consuming extra step. Morford’s dialer configurations automated his SDRs workflows for every conceivable call outcome, fulfilling his promise to make their jobs easier.

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The Results

It turned my two reps arguably into four reps.

Milestone’s reluctant SDRs didn’t just warm to PhoneBurner, they did a complete 180. “They’re burning through everything that they need to. It’s amazing for them.” Morford also avoided having to hire additional reps. “They’re making up to 550 calls per day, each. That’s quadruple what they were doing on a good day.”

Their list is cleaner than it has ever been, which, combined with the increase in connections is driving significant gains in demos and new accounts. From under a demo a day during COVID, Morford’s team is now averaging almost 2 per day. “When the environment normalizes, I can see us hitting 4 or 5 per day.”


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