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Political strategist wins clients and races by delivering bigger call time fundraising numbers, with less hassle

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Key Achievements
  • Dramatically improved fundraising results for her clients
  • Multiplied call volume by 2x for both veteran and volunteer dialers
  • Created a system that scales to as many campaigns as she’s working on
  • Leveraged remote tools and features to pivot quickly during the pandemic

Founded in 2011, Public Service Partners works with political candidates, elected officials, and community leaders to meet their public service goals. National fundraising expert and Principal Keisha Carter Brown has worked on over 70 political campaigns and 20 non-profits to set strategy and raise the funds needed to get results.

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“PhoneBurner has been great for us in so many different ways.”

Keisha Carter Brown

Keisha Carter Brown


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Challenges and Objectives

“Call time” is fundamental to fundraising success for political campaigns. Public Service Partners spent considerable effort looking for an efficient way to power call time that would meet the dramatically different needs of her clients.

With different office setups (in house versus remote), a mix of veteran callers and inexperienced volunteers, campaigns coming and going for various initiatives, and clients with inconsistent and often paper-based contact databases, Principal Keisha Carter Brown had her hands full finding a system that could work for everyone.

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The Solution

Brown found flexibility with PhoneBurner that wasn’t available anywhere else. She also found a company willing to work hand-in-hand with her to customize an account setup that could scale across campaigns. “My dedicated PhoneBurner rep said to me, ‘I really think we can create something special that will work for you,’ and that’s exactly what he did.”

PhoneBurner’s CRM helped Brown bring databases online for her clients, while keeping campaign data distinct and organized. LeadStreams were set up to automatically deliver contacts and call lists to staff and volunteers, no matter where they logged in to the software - a huge win, especially during the pandemic when her firm “didn’t miss a beat.”

Finally, Brown leveraged a rich set of features - including 1-click voicemails, call recording, live transfers, and phone to Zoom transfers - to increase productivity without sacrificing the personal touch that’s so critical to campaign success.

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The Results

Clients are doing 50 calls an hour by themselves. If I dial, I get up to 70.

Public Service Partners is averaging 2x more calls across experience levels. “I’ve trained seniors on this system, I’ve trained young people. It’s been very, very easy for anyone to learn.” Also having an impact on fundraising numbers is the ability to transfer donors directly to the candidate’s phone or Zoom meeting - a powerful, personal approach her clients love.

PhoneBurner’s flexibility has allowed Brown to take on more clients and manage data better than ever before. “It’s really helpful when you have clients that won their race and come back to you every couple of months.”


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