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Sandler Training boosts productivity 4x, leading to a more flexible workday and bigger sales

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Key Achievements
  • Streamlined outreach process and systematized follow-ups.
  • Productivity soared 400%, reducing half a day of prospecting to 1 hour.
  • Conservatively saved 15 hours/ week, creating more freedom and opportunity.
  • Closed deals and sales are rising, generating significant ROI.

Sandler Training is an award-winning sales training organization that trains over 30,000 people per year, across 275 centers around the world. Michael Gordon - veteran sales expert and former Sandler student - is the owner of the Calabasas, CA center. He works with anyone from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies, helping grow their businesses through results-driven sales solutions.

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“PhoneBurner is probably the single greatest investment I’ve made in my business.”

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon


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Challenges and Objectives

Most of the time Gordon is not engaged in training clients, he’s prospecting and selling himself. As the Calabasas center is relatively new and his team is still small, that means a lot of cold calling. “It was taking me at least half a day to get through 50 dials.” Between pre-call research, voicemails, logging calls, and orchestrating follow-ups, too much time was being spent on lower return activities.

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The Solution

Having found other dialing software “overly complex to overly expensive,” PhoneBurner proved to be the exception. “It had everything I needed,” he explained, “very reasonably priced and I don’t think it could be any simpler to use.”

PhoneBurner’s collaborative onboarding process made the transition from setup to outreach easy for him and his team. “The support is out of this world” he added, “more than I ever would have imagined.” The dialer was configured to leave voicemails, log call outcomes, streamline workflows, and systematize sales follow-ups.

His team leveraged PhoneBurner’s power mode to eliminate the ability to pause between calls - keeping everyone locked in from the first call to the last.

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The Results

I literally have an extra 15 hours in my week

Success could not have come faster for Gordon. “It sounds silly, but I hit dial and knew this was the answer to my problems.” What had been consuming half of his day was now complete in an hour - a 400% increase in productivity. The time savings has given his team the ability to do more and “expand in a lot of different ways.”

Call volume is up. More deals are closing. And every workday has more freedom and flexibility. Gordon’s results have been so positive that he’s referred PhoneBurner to other Sandler trainers as well as his own clients. “The return on investment is huge!”


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