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Unishippers increases AE productivity by 3-4x; revenues rise substantially

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Key Achievements
  • Account Executives (AEs) increased calls from 50-75 to well above 200 per day
  • AEs are happier, earning bigger paychecks, and call reluctance has declined
  • The company is converting more leads, and revenues have grown substantially
  • Systemized process for AEs allows wins to be quickly shared across the team

Unishippers is a 3rd party logistics shipping company. They save small and medium sized businesses time, trouble, and money on their transportation and shipping needs, giving them more options and greater flexibility. The company has over 2000 employees and sales of over $1.6 billion.

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“I would absolutely recommend PhoneBurner to anyone looking to increase their revenue, increase sales, increase activity, and create a better systematic process or approach.”

Kevin Biagi

Kevin Biagi

VP of Sales

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Challenges and Objectives

The inside sales team at Unishippers was flush with leads, but struggling with the volume of calls needed to qualify and keep them moving through the sales funnel. Call reluctance was also an issue, but without an efficient way to track KPIs, keeping the team accountable and on target was difficult.

Adding to the challenge was the “territory-based” nature of their business, which resulted in the time-intensive process of distributing leads to the rightful AE. As VP of Sales, Kevin Biagi began his search for an efficient solution to help his team to capitalize on the unrealized potential in their pipeline.

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The Solution

During his free trial, Biagi was impressed with PhoneBurner’s dialing platform, finding it “extremely easy” and “self-intuitive.” Both new and experienced agents agreed. But it was the quality of support that really sealed the deal. Biagi was quick to praise his dedicated account manager, who was there from day 1 to assess his unique needs, and help create a more efficient process.

“PhoneBurner allows us to create a process around the AE that is very systematic,” Biagi explained, “so when we find things that are going well we can roll those out to the team.”

As Unishippers’ team has grown, their tech stack has changed and expanded. Through it all, PhoneBurner has scaled and integrated seamlessly.

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The Results

We’ve increased our revenue over the last 5 years substantially

Before PhoneBurner, Biagi’s AEs were expected to make between 50-75 calls per day. That number quickly multiplied, with agents now making “well north of 200 dials per day.”

Fortunately, this increase in expectations was met with reduced call reluctance and an increase in AE satisfaction and earnings. Activity has increased dramatically throughout the inside sales team. “Honestly it takes a lot of weight off my shoulders,” said one AE.

Management is excited by more than just the numbers. Reporting gives them the visibility they need to hold AEs accountable and make smarter decisions. Plus, the company’s manual, territory-based lead distribution process was automated, delivering significant time-savings. “It’s been a win-win across the entire organization.”


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